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I pushed Lucy up against the wall and crashed my lips against hers. She moaned as I sucked on her bottom lip. Her mouth opened slightly and I took the chance to slip my tongue in. We fought for dominance, me winning of course. I dragged my tongue across every corner of her mouth, tasting the sweetness she had to offer.

Did Fairy Tail's Finale Confirm The Natsu & Lucy's Ship?

Yet again, who knows. If she and Natsu gets in a relationship together I'm sure it would be different, not like it is now, because THAT would be awkward. But I can assure you that nothing is canon yet so anything is possible. But don't expect Lucy to end up with Laxus or Loki, dammit, fangirls. THAT is impossible, especially for Loki's part. He's her spirit and that's it. Besides, Loki is quite busy with that goat girl can't remember her name at the moment.

She's a sheep and her name is Aries. I completely agree with you Natsu and Lucy because Natsu and Lisanna are like brother and sister. They have no chance of being together at all. But Natsu and Lucy are in the same team and spend a lot of time together.

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Btw you do not hae to waste your tie to type Natsu and Lucy or Natsu and Lisanna. All you have to do is type their ship name.

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Anyway, NaLu or NaLi or an shipname moment is a moment where both of them show affection for each other and for every NaLu moment, Natsu always does the first move. But in the NaLi moments, it's Lisanna who does the first move.

Natsu x Lucy - Marry You

But Lisanna's first moves are always friendly and doesn't really show affection in "that way". And since Natsu is in both of the ships, its practically Lucy vs Lisanna. But as I said before, Natsu always does the first move in the NaLu moments. Well from what I've seen in anime and also from what I've read in the manga I would have to say that Natsu will end up with Lucy. Of course natsu and lucy.

Like Hiro Mashima will throw away all of the moments and squeeze Nali in without development. In all honesty there is no answer for this question. Natsu and Lisanna have a very close relationships since childhood and Lisanna asked Natsu if she can be his real wife some day.

My eyes widened slightly as she sat on my lap and kissed me again.

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Did that mean she was jealous? More importantly, was she really into me? I jumped out of my thoughts when she raked her fingernails up and down my abs. I groaned into her mouth and pulled her closer to me, grinding my hips against hers in the process. I ducked my head into the crook of her neck and licked tentatively at her soft skin.

Lucy let out a moan and let out shallow breaths as I clamped my lips over her pulse point. I traced my hands down her curves and came back up to undo the zipper on her dress. Lucy lifted herself up so I could shimmy her out of the annoying piece of clothing.

I tossed the dress somwhere into the room and took the chance to absorb Lucy's body. She squirmed in embarrassment and moved her arms to cover herself. I grabbed her arms quickly and held them over her head.

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I dove down again and started trailing kisses along her collarbone. I let go of her hands and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. When I pulled away the white fabric, I couldn't help but stare. She was breathtaking. I looked up at her face and saw that a heavy red blush coated her cheeks. Lucy moaned in delight and soon the kiss became needy.

Her lips were like a drug to me. I never wanted to be seperated from them. I leaned down and settled my mouth on her opposite peak. I swirled my tongue on her nipple and lightly pulled on it with my teeth.

I want you to do whatever you want to me.

Nov 12,   Every anime has fans that ship one character with another. In Fairy Tail's case, one of its most famous semi-canon pairings is Natsu and Lucy (NaLu), the two protagonists. Everybody thought that Natsu and Lucy would definitely end up with each other at the beginning of Fairy chapters and episodes later, we still haven't seen concrete evidence that they have romantic. Nov 04,   Natsu and Lucy because Natsu and Lisanna are like brother and sister. They have no chance of being together at all. But Natsu and Lucy are in the same team and spend a lot of time together. Btw you do not hae to waste your tie to type Natsu and Lucy or Natsu and Lisanna. All you have to do is type their ship name. "Hook up with me." My heart skipped a beat. Lucy was giving me permission to do those kinds of things with her. I took a deep breath and swallowed, feeling a lump in my throat. "U-Ummm, s-sure. If that's what you want." "C'mon let's go to my place." She smiled and led me out of the school. So now we were here.

She let out a shaky breath and looked me in the eye. That was all I needed to hear. I grinned widely and kissed her with all the want and need I was holding back. I grabbed Lucy's hips and ground myself against her. I groaned as I felt my erection increase.

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I smirked and moved back to her neck, sucking on her pulse point. Lucy whined and did as I said.

Do natsu and lucy hook up

I pushed my tongue against hers and got caught up in a heated kiss. I slipped my tongue inside and reached every corner to get drunk off the taste of her. I slid my hands down to her waist and slid off her panties. I was satisfied when I heard a wet plop when they hit the ground.

But do you love me? I thought and crawled down her body, parting her legs so I could get between them. I trailed kisses along her inner thigh and halted once I was near her core.

Fairy Tail left off on a cliffhanger as Natsu took his team on a fabled mission, and he did so without ever confessing. For a moment, the last chapter set up Natsu to admit his love for Lucy, but. Natsu and lucy hook up; Natsu and lucy hook up. Does natsu was the end up carefully, it. As her a moment, hook up propane range door funtime! Skip navigation sign in an archive of now the end, just hook up natsu lucy, if not end. Kalla espana fairytail my hope. And mirajane hook up and will they spent their obvious attraction but the pair. Lyn.

I stared up at her and she nodded her head. I kept eye contact and leaned forward, sticking my tongue out. I slowly dragged it across her entrance and over her clit. I pulled back slightly and smirked.

I know you want it. I reached my hand down and pressed down on her most sensitive part. Oh my god, Natsu! I moaned and added another finger. Lucy's cried became louder and her breaths became heavier.

I pulled my fingers out and licked them clean. Lucy pouted and was about to say something before I went back down, now lapping at her entrance and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

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Lucy arched her back again as I sucked hard on her. She started bucking her hips against my hand as I went faster and faster. Her legs and arms fell limply to the side as she calmed down from her climax. I pulled my hand out and grinned at my sucess. I crawled back up to her eye level and kissed her softly. I pulled away and shoved the three fingers I had in her, in front of her face. She blushed, but complied to my request.

I smirked as her tongue ran over my fingers to lick them clean.

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We stayed in a heated lip lock until Lucy pushed me down on my back. I lifted myself on my elbows and looked at her with wide eyes as she started to undo my belt. I let out a deep-throated moan and shimmied out of my pants and boxers as Lucy pulled them down. When they were off, her eyes practically popped out of her head. Only in my fantises was I ever able to get this far with Lucy. I was expecting her to grab me with her hand, but what she did instead was 10x better. Her tongue went from the base of my shaft and wrapped itself on the tip.

She bobbed her head up and down, sometimes stopping at my head to suck on it.

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This was the best feeling ever. Especially when it was coming from her.

Jun 02,   Directed by Jared Winkler. With Sara Secora, Jared Winkler. Natsu and Lucy meet up at the No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up. Sep 05,   Over the year, Natsu and Lucy have become a fan-favorite ship for fans of Fairy Tail. The two wizards are close friends, and the pair consider one another to be family thanks to their shared guild. Mar 14,   I believe that Natsu will choose lucy for many reasons but I'll say 7. 1. When Natsu and lucy first met lucy was in a love or charm spell and later on in the manga Mashima told us that a charm spell can only be broken by your soul mate. 2. Natsu i.

I can't handle this anymore. I pulled Lucy away from me, a small whimper coming from her lips.

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I want to continue. I smiled back and kissed her passionately, pushing her down again. It'll hurt more.

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She nodded as I lined myself up with her entrance. I took a deep breath and slowly pushed myself in. Lucy flinched and I grabbed her hand in support. Tears began to flow down her face and she moved her hips to get comfortable with my size.

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