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Jesus and Emma were an on and off again couple throughout High School, mainly due to their differing opinions and strong personalities. However, they remained in a steady relationship since graduation, with Jesus even waiting for her while she went off to college. At his first practice, he is brought down by the only girl on the team, Emma. In Things Unknown , Jesus and Emma are both in the gym for wrestling and cheer-leading respectively, Jesus tries to kiss Emma but she says no kissing at practice. At Jesus's house, Jesus and Emma are studying together, Jesus lies to Emma about his plans for Saturday, saying he has a family thing.

Jesus admits that yes he wanted to voice his opinion. Emma says she can't be with him if he feels "angry or betrayed by that" or if he won't forgive Brandon "for being there for her".

Did brandon and emma hook up

Jesus tries to say something but Emma stops him and tells him "not to tell her what she wants to hear but only what is true," Jesus says nothing, so Emma kisses him on the hand and walks away. In TellingJesus tells Emma that he made-up with Brandon and the truth is that he wanted to be there for her through the abortion. Emma thanks him and they kiss. Emma asks Jesus when he's coming back to school but Jesus says he's not and Emma isn't happy.

Jesus and Emma

Jesus and Emma video chat. Jesus tells Emma that she can't come over at the moment because Mum's has banned it. Emma thinks he is stupid for dropping out of school and going to a party, Jesus isn't happy she's not supporting him.

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In Welcome to the JunglerJesus and Emma apologize for their fight last night. Emma tells him she wants to support him of "everything". They kiss. Jesus tells Emma he had to take a test so he can legally drop out of school which Emma isn't thrilled about but doesn't voice this.

Jesus shows Emma a wooden engagement ring he made her which he wants her to have a promise ring until he can buy a real engagement ring.

Jesus says he doesn't want any regrets and he knows that she is the one and says I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Emma is in shock. Emma says they are only 16 and she wants to go to college. Jesus says he'll follow her. Emma says things could change, Jesus says it doesn't have too but Emma wants to change, she wants to grow and learn. Jesus agrees they could do that together.

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Emma says not if he drops out of school as she can't see herself marrying someone who throws their education away willingly. A Very Coterie Christmas. The Adams Foster family video chatted with Jesuswho was in India at the time and couldn't travel to California in time for Christmas. While there, he revealed to his family that he and Emma had reconciled their relationship.

Not only had they begun dating again, but they became engaged. He even commented that their engagement was, " for real this time ". Add an image. Sign In Don't have an account?

They are 16, and these more serious love matters can be confusing. What is real? And what is maybe from the past? How does he really feel about Callie? He gets caught up, and he gets confused.

What do you think was the straw that broke his resolve? I think it just culminated.

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They were left alone for just a little too long. It was the perfect conditions for something like this to go down.

Eliza's parents draw up a pre-nuptial agreement for Brandon to sign, and he's taken completely off guard. After the engagement party, Callie discovers Jude is taking pills that help prevent HIV. The Fosters steamed up TV screens on Monday night as foster siblings Brandon and Callie surrendered to the long-simmering sexual tension between .

It was the rare case where he did give in. He tried not to.

He tried to leave it alone It was definitely both of them trying to fight off this desire. During the summer before his junior year, Brandon left his job at the Peach Pit to work as a cabana boy at the Beverly Hills Beach Club in an effort to buy a new car.

He left Peach Pit with little notice, but luckily Nat found Courtney at the last minute to fill the void. Brandon spent the summer months saving up his money while meeting several characters, getting in between Jerry Rattinger and his mistress, Sandy.

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He also helped Dylan get through a rough patch, but suspected him of stealing some electronic equipment from the beach club. He returned to Peach Pit at the end of the summer after a camping trip with the core eight. When school starts, he became besotted with the new girl in town, Emily Valentineand after a brief competition with Dylan over her, the two began dating, eventually breaking up after she slips U4EA in his drink at a club.

Emily became obsessed with Brandon, stalking him with phone calls and gifts left on his doorstop. When she attempts suicide, she was checked into a clinic and Brandon went to visit her.

Brandon Walsh

During the year, Brandon confronted his cousin, Bobby Walshwho was in a wheelchair because of a skiing accident in which Brandon felt responsible. Bobby never blamed him, however. He also briefly fell for an ice skater, Tricia Kinneybefore she had to leave Los Angeles to continue her career.

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Brandon returned to work at the Beverly Hills Beach Club for a second summer as the turmoil surrounding Dylan and Brenda's doomed relationship continued. However Brandon found his own companion in Brooke Alexanderthough he would later break up with her over political differences and racial issues. When Brandon started his senior year, he was pursued by a freshman named Nikki Wittwho was infatuated with him.

Brandon was not interested in the beginning due to their age difference, but soon softened and began dating her. They shared a nice, drama-free relationship until Nikki's ex-boyfriend, Diesel Stone, showed up and tried to pull her back into her old life. Brandon and Diesel eventually locked horns and Brandon punched Diesel out, but this event would signal the end of their relationship.

Nikki would return to San Francisco now that Diesel was out of the picture. Brandon later developed a serious gambling problem by betting with Duke WeatherillNat's friend and bookie.

However, after Brandon got in over his head and Duke started making threats, Nat bailed him out of the situation on the condition Brandon would never bet again. After Donna Martin got caught with alcohol at the prom, she was forbidden from graduating by the school board.

6x18 Emma & Hook #1

Brandon organized a mass walkout after Gil Meyers encouraged him to do something memorable and the entire senior and junior classes marched on the school board.

They were successful and Donna was allowed to graduate with the rest of the class. Jill was a strong, independent woman from New York who bonded with Brandon and confided in him about her rape during her stay before returning to New York.

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Brandon began attending California University with the rest of the gang as their college years got underway. As the year began, Brandon soon found himself assigned by a sociology professor, Professor Randall, to tutor a basketball player, D'Shawn Hardell.

He also began a flirtatious relationship with Lucinda Nicholsonwho unknown to Brandon, was married to Professor Randall. D'Shawn, who had noticed Brandon and Lucinda getting flirty, told Brandon that he was supposed to take the test for him or he would tell Professor Randall about them.

the amusing answer

Brandon refused D'Shawn and told Lucinda to back away before getting in his car and leaving Los Angeles. Brandon ended up in San Francisco, where he ran into Emily Valentine on a railway car. The two became romantically involved during his brief stay before Emily left for Paris, France to attend the Cousteau Institute on her way to becoming a marine biologist.

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When returned to campus, he was shocked to find that Professor Randall had figured out the chemistry between Brandon and Lucinda all on his own. When Steve got in trouble for stealing Randall's baseball, Brandon threatened to expose Randall's favoritism of athletes is he didn't drop the charges. Randall left the university. Brandon then began seeing Lucinda on a regular basis, but was hounded by school's top reporter, Josh Richland.

To deflect Josh's attention and cover up his relationship with Lucinda, Brandon pretended Kelly Taylor was his girlfriend on a task force retreat. However, when Lucinda made a pass at Dylan in order to get his financing for her documentary, Brandon ended their relationship.

Dylan also found that Brandon and Kelly kissed on the retreat. He took a swing at Brandon, but Steve caught the blow. As the year ended, however, Brandon went to Washington, D. Brandon and Kelly slept together for the first time.

Brandon spends the entire summer with Kelly Taylor and hides their relationship from everyone except for Jim and Cindy Walsh. When Dylan returned from the road drunk and disheveled, Brandon tried to break the news to him, but was unable to find the proper words when he saw how bad of shape Dylan was emotionally.

However, Nat accidentally let it slip to Dylan, who caused a scene at a benefit given by Felice Martin. Brandon and Dylan had heated words over Kelly and the friendship between the two of them was strained.

Brandon was also reunited with an old friend from Minnesota, Valerie Malonewho moved into the Walsh house. Brandon was then pulled into student politics as the running mate of Josh Richland. They were underdogs, but Brandon's speech about student politics to the student body gave them a boost. When a campaign manager, Alex Diaz, tried to imply Brandon took D'Shawn Hardell 's exams for him, it backfired and gave Josh and Brandon even more votes.

On the night of the election, the duo surprisingly won, but Josh was killed in a car accident, leaving Brandon to hold the office alone. Alex Diaz then contested Brandon's appointment, stating the rules of succession were not clear and had never been challenged. Brandon continued to call every Senate meeting to order while the university considered Alex's protest.

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Brandon was eventually sworn in as student body president and had to deal with many issues while in office. After the ordeal with the Senate was resolved, Brandon had to deal with the return of Emily Valentine simultaneously occurring with Kelly getting badly burned at a rave thrown by Steve Sanders and Griffin Stone.

Brandon and Emily bid each other farewell before Emily walked out of his life for good. However, Kelly had been emotionally damaged by the fire and was taken advantage of by The New Evolution, a cult headed up by Abnormal Psychology professor Patrick Finley.

Despite many protests by Brandon and some confrontations with Finley, Brandon couldn't get her to listen to him.

Desperate for help, Brandon turned to Dylan, who went undercover with The New Evolution and found out they were only out to gain as much monetary assistance as they could. Dylan set it up so Finley would tell Kelly to sleep with him, but Brandon had a plan in effect.

She then left them and came back to Brandon. Brandon spent the rest of the season battling with Dylan over Kelly's affections and simultaneously saying goodbye to his parents, Jim and Cindy Walsh, as well as Andrea Zuckerman and Jesse Vasquezall of whom left town. Brandon works at a newspaper out of state over the summer.

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