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The midweek full moon in alluring Scorpio welcomes transformation into your love life. The possibilities of having an amazingly magical sexual experience are greater now than ever before. The trines between Mercury and Jupiter and Pluto over the weekend act as bridges for difficult communication matters. Luck and renewal are on your side, helping you find the words you need exactly when you need them. Have an important decision to make? Consult a spiritual advisor now.

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If their star sign isn't currently one of your 'swipe right' criteria when finding your match Our tarot reader explains your star sign compatibility, reveals why star sign matches can make or break a relationship. You love to compete, outdo and impress. Maybe only an Aries can truly handle another Aries. But Sagittarius is more fun loving than go getting, so they may not keep up long term.

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Totally mysterious, she reminds you of Witchy Woman, by the Eagles. Others might call her strange, on the fringe, bizarre, or when attempting to be kind, eccentric, but you find her interests amazing and a perfect delight. Her intellect is unparalleled. If you start to speak with her about any of her interests, she can talk to you for hours on end, thereby wrapping you up in a spell only the Aquarius Woman can weave with her charms. You find her energies delightful, and inescapable.

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