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Survivor 's Hannah Shapiro may have fallen just short of taking home the title of Sole Survivor this season, but she's a winner in our readers' eyes. I know it's not exactly a million dollars, but congratulations on winning our readers' poll for Best Character of ! Hannah: Thank you so much. It's insane to me and so flattering. The fan responses are so cool. And, yeah, I've been really touched by so many people sharing about their anxiety. I was super vulnerable out there, and that could have really come to be embarrassing, but I really felt very supported.

While Randy's alliance strategized in the jungle, Ken formed his own alliance with G. Shortly after arriving at camp, Kelly expressed her dislike of her former Kota tribemates to Crystal, who quickly recruited her into Ken's alliance. When Fang lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 12, Ken's majority alliance now including Matty debated over eliminating Jacquie and Ace but after Kelly informed them of Jacquie's strong relationships with her former tribe, they eliminated her in a vote.

Ken's confessionals (MvGX)

As Fang began losing challenge after challenge, his power in the game increased. However, because of G. After being announced that both tribes would attend Tribal Council, Ken and Crystal targeted Sugar for her poor performance in the previous challenge. However, she was granted immunity prompting Ken to target Fang's strongest member, Ace Gordon.

In an attempt to solidify a majority vote against Ace, Ken approached Sugar and lied to her, exclaiming how Ace was only using Sugar for her possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol. Despite some skepticism, Sugar ultimately believed Ken's lie and joined Ken and Crystal in blindsiding Ace with a vote. Once another tribe switch occurred on Day 22, Ken moved over to Kotathis time only with Crystal.

However, Crystal was reluctant to betray Ken due to their strong friendship. Thus, she told Ken of Marcus' plan and the two decided to vote against him.

At Tribal Council, Ken voted against Marcus along with his alliance after Crystal managed to successfully convince Susie Smith to side with them. Ken had reached the merge on Day 27 and named the merged tribe, Nobag.

Knowing that because of Charlie Herschel he wasn't able to retrieve the clue to the idol, he targeted him and convinced the Fang Alliance by saying that Charlie was the "brains" behind the Onion Alliance.

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In an effort to gain Sugar's vote again, he told her the plan. At the following Tribal Council, Sugar joined Ken in voting against Charlie, effectively blindsiding him and decreasing the rival alliance's numbers. He chose Bob Crowley. He then managed to win the Immunity Challenge on Day 30 and was convinced by Sugar to vote against Randy.

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He later voted Randy out with his alliance at Tribal Council. Although initially losing the Loved Ones Challenge on Day 31, Ken was still able to see his sister because of a twist.

While talking to his sister, he bragged about how well he was doing in the game. Ken and his alliance then target Bob for being a physical threat.

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After he won immunity, they settled on voting for Corinne, but she threw a wrench in that plan when she told the lie about the Hidden Immunity Idol she had to Ken who believed it completely and decided to vote with Corinne and Bob to blindside Matty. Crystal eventually joined him after she believed the lie.

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Before Tribal Council, Ken started scheming again and wanted to split the vote between Matty and Corinne; in part to eliminate Matty and in part to flush out the idol. He tells Crystal to vote for Corinne soon after.

At Tribal Council, Corinne didn't play her so-called idol and was voted out instead of Matty in a vote. Upon returning to camp, the alliance questioned Ken's scheme. Using Bob's previous betrayal at the last Tribal Council as leverage, Ken managed to make Bob feel sorry for him as he stated if he won, he'd give his necklace to Ken.

Tribal ends, the lights come up, so to say, and I walked over to Adam and I gave him a hug and I said, "I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. This goes to a much deeper human level. How is she doing? I have a lot of love for Adam, and certain things go beyond the game.

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That seemed like an overall theme this season, contestants being able to separate game strategy from personal offenses. No one seemed to hold a grudge. Hannah: I'd say yes and no. I think part of my problem in the game was I built really deep relationships with people, and I think more than anyone, people felt very hurt by me.

I got this a few times.

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But I think our cast is just a really amazing group of people. Even people that were hurt at the time - I know Zeke was very hurt by me on that island, and today I consider him one of my best friends. Zeke said that you guys had an "epic soap opera" going on that we didn't really get to see. What can you share about that?

Ken McNickle

Hannah: Oh my goodness. Zeke's and my story. I mean, it was just a love story with so many ups and downs. You have to understand, Zeke and I were instant friends. Zeke is someone who would be my soulmate probably if we were out of the game or in the game. When I voted with the majority, we had this epic meltdown together on the beach. And then we built trust back, and then it was broken again. Zeke and I would talk for hours on the beach. We would do what we called "cocktails," where we would go to the beach and drink our dirty canteen water and just talk about life and love and the game.

I think by missing [seeing] our relationship, [viewers] miss part of why the perception of me changed in the game. We had these cocktails where we realized we wanted to go in different directions. I made the decision to turn on Zeke, and I think that Zeke narrated a lot of how my game was viewed after that point, just by his passionate way of speaking and how he was able to talk to people.

I will say that today, Zeke is one of my closest friends.

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I don't think I could have gotten through watching all this back or any of it without him. He's a wonderful dude. Going back to Adam, you mentioned that he was surprised you hugged him after the final Tribal Council.

And he was definitely pretty harsh with you there.

Dec 16,   Survivor's Hannah Shapiro may have fallen just short of taking home the title of Sole Survivor this season, but she's a winner in our readers' eyes. Hannah was voted the "Best TV Performance of. k Followers, 2, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ken Cole Mcnickle (@thekencole) posts. Dec 15,   And while the Ken who graced the red carpet after the Survivor finale was able to crack jokes and wax poetic about his outlook on life, Author: Josh Wigler.

Did any of the things he said about your game bother you? Hannah: It's funny. I think Adam and I are two people who are very passionate and competitive. We played against each other really hard, and Adam was trying to take credit for things I had done and I think Adam was coming at me quite a bit.

And I was fighting back really hard because I wasn't going to take it. Because I'm also passionate and competitive. At the end of the day, I think we both can separate the game from life. I didn't go and give him a hug when we were still playing the game during that final Tribal. When the lights came on, I did.

Because at that point, we're just two young Jews who had fought it out at the end. What was all that whispering between you two at the Tribal Council where you guys ended up drawing rocks? Hannah: So much whispering. I went into that Tribal, and I knew how hurt Zeke was, and I also knew that they would want to put the votes on someone they didn't think an idol would be played for.

So, I told Dave - and I love Dave to death. Dave is basically Generation X me. But I told Dave, I said, "The votes are coming my way. I know this. And there was just so much whispering that things became a little blurry. I knew that the votes weren't going to be on Ken. But everything was happening so fast, and Zeke had prepped his team - I think Zeke should get some credit for this - to put a false Ken name out there. Zeke had prepped his team to go to rocks.

Zeke had really gotten some things moving.

Dec 16,   Hannah Shapiro lasted all 39 days and then argued that she put everyone on the jury in the order they went there. She hoped it would be enough, but the Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X jury saw it.

And Adam and I were just trying to figure out what was going on, and we were talking about where the votes were going. It was a very heated Tribal Council.

Hannah and ken survivor dating

Everything you see on TV is accurate to that Tribal Council. It was insanity. As a fan, I was like, "This is the best thing ever! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Gen X. Contents [ show ]. Also, the vote ended with a tie between Hannah and Zeke, forcing a revote. Ken did not change his vote on the revote.

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Ken is the youngest member of the original Takali tribe. Ken is the highest-placing member of Takali. Ken is the first person to use the Legacy Advantage.

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Ken is the first and only person from an " older " tribe to reach the Final Tribal Council. Adam Vanua. Bret Takali.

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CeCe Takali. Chris Takali. David Takali.

The first question asked about Hannah and Zeke's favorite memory from Survivor Millennials vs Gen X. Apparently, on Day 3, Hannah, Zeke, and Will Wahl would go off to get palm fronds, and the lovely couple would be singing basic musical show tunes from the most iconic musicals. Instead of joining in, Will could not recognize a single one. Dec 15,   Newly minted Survivor champion Adam Klein may have popularized the term "super duper fan," but he's not the only person on Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X to own that role. Indeed, he's not Author: Josh Wigler. Dec 15,   "Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X" runner-up Ken McNickle defends the legacy advantage on the red carpet following Wednesday's season Marcus James Dixon.

Figgy Vanua. Hannah Vanua. Jay Vanua. Jessica Takali. Ken Takali. Lucy Takali. Mari Vanua. Michaela Vanua. Michelle Vanua.

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