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Meanwhile, I am 29 and if I look at a girl that is 9 years younger than me, soceity will judge me. I wouldn't give a damn on what the society thinks. As long as you like that person and she likes you, say fuck it and keep doing it. Vivaldi I was using sarcasm to insinuate. Yes money is one of the reasons if you needed direct confirmation. You will be happy when you're older. Im 33 and haven't dated a girl over 23 in years.

As long as it is consensual, I wouldn't judge them negatively.

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But I know for sure that I personally wouldn't get into this sort of relationship. Because girls love their dads so much. They want a guy who is just like their dad like loving, caring, mature responsible, respect them etc.

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But they don't find it in the guys who are younger than them as well as who are the same age. So they go for the older men.

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Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. My boyfriend 8 years older than me Because for one their past the silly questioning part that doesn't matter really.

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ANd they have great conversations that out of the box. They also can deal with my dememenor without crying or acting like the feelings are so easily hurt. I enjoy they fact it drama free mostly. Just like any business deals.

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Xper 5. So women have a certain time in which to find the best father for their kids if they know it consciously or not they look for the best genes for the next generation. Wealth is an indicator of success and it increases the success of the next generation. Men do not have a timer an 80yo can have a child with a 20 yo so they are more likely to play the field over a long game with more women especially since men can impregnate more than one person at a time It's a terrible fact of reality.

I am wondering about this as well. I think it's mostly money. But my female cousin has a boyfriend which is like 35 years older. It's definitely not about money in their relationship because her family is actually pretty rich and I think he has less money then her. I think they really love each other and I accept that it just looks a bit weird to me if she kisses him because he could be her father or something.

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You just answered your own question. They date them because they're rich, maybe she might have feelings, or maybe they have an agreement.

You never know, I, on the other hand couldn't care less. It's their life, their choice, who am I to judge? Although, some young women actually like older men even if its 30 plus difference.

It may have to do with the wisdom and insights they have experienced in life, stability, maturity Anoniemus Yoda. Why not? Listen to her story as to why. I didn't watch the video, but your commented quote is hilarious. Seems obvious to me. Every romantic relationship is a bargain of some sort.

Young women date wealthy men because they are getting something they want. There are good chances that it's because of the money, but I would think they have something else to offer too. GreyWolf Xper 5. It's simple I am still trying to figure out how Trump got fucking laid.

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I know he's got money but come on man. He bought two wives, mail order, and paid everyone else. They are not. Like the vast majority of 20 year old girls is not doing that.

Don't generalise because a very select few do it.

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They want easy money without doing anything. The old man use them for boosting their ego and the woman use them for getting easy money it's a win win situation for both of them.

It's the ancient ways of the gold digger past down from generations of gold digging sluts. Better have a great retirement plan and some cialis. They'll have it coming. Even if it means basically selling their body to get it. SirWiseMan Xper 3. Speakers speak Haters hate Hunters hunt Whores whore. How is that even a question? Some girls are into the money thing.

I know a guy who just hit 60 and still goes for He's a well-paid doctor. I think the answer is obvious but when I was in my early 20s I worked in a bar and had a millionaire offer to take take off me no bs. I said no, looks were too important to meno regrets.

They are either gold diggers or just have a fetish for old guys.

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Their trying to recapture that special time they had with grandfather. I can't imagine why. I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with money Cause they need money Or yah know He is using her for sex while she is using her for money.

Oct 29,   Look, it's ok for a man and a dog to have a healthy relationship, but lets get real. I've hung out with my daughter's friends for an hour. They think I'm fun, and they can be cute, even beautiful. But, why a 50 wants a 20 is easy to see, if a t. At 20, most people are only a couple of years out of high school and have barely any real world life experience. Most of what a year-old knows is school, and most haven't fully outgrown the high school/teenage mentality yet (after all, 20 is just one year over being a teenager). Jul 26,   My friends think it's weird that I'm dating a 52 year old guy. He actually look like he is in his 30's honestly, I'm 20 and he's 50, we honestly don't care about the age and he is really mature, he doesn't pressure me about sex and he's so Intelligent (not trying to be cocky but he's intelligent like me) we talk about MobyDick, Oliver Twist, so many.

Xper 7. I've seem some pretty attractive silver foxes. It's one of those things where you just have to see it.

Nov 19,   Well, you are both consenting adults, so it's legal. However, there will be differences because of your ages. A 20 year old is still learning and developing as an adult. There will be lots of things that this person will not understand when you ar.

Only one of my friends sees that he's a good guy all he wants is a family and to love someone. I mean he has kids they stay with his mom but even they think it's okay He was never married but I have a feeling he's gonna ask me to marry him on my birthday, he's gonna take me and my girls out to dinner and I just don't want them to shun him.

Even my family loves him and they hate all the guys I'm with, plus I'm the only girl so everyone's overprotected. Lol, black beauty I'm not desperate sweetie. Also yes he does have a lot of money, but so do I. He's an entrepreneur and I own a bake shop, crossing my fingers that everything goes well with a certain deal I'm working up to open 5 of my own baking stores. So your answer is no I don't want his money. And for all the bitches out there don't question the love I have for him, the only reason I'm asking is because I'm seriously trying to see whats wrong with this picture, cause I feel like nothings wrong so I'm asking other for their opinion.

20 and 50 year old dating

IF he has children it will really seem weird. My granddad's girlfriend is the same age as my mother and she has a 5 year old kid. That makes it awkward some times even though she is the best and i love her and her son.

But sh is 35 and he is You have your whole life ahead of you to find some one. Don't marry him yet. You guys more than likely will run into problems within the relation ship because of the age difference. And i know tat you shouldn't ar what other people think but don't get married young that is the biggest mistake you could ever make.

In my honest opinoin. It is a bit weird tbh, but it's not terrible. You asked if it was weird. He doesn't pressure you about sex you stated.

Of course HIS sex life is practically over 8 years and he'll be 60!!

Talking about novels is a far cry from talking about real life every day problems. His children stay with his mum!!!

Why are 20 year old girls dating 50 year old rich guys?

Don't you find THAT a little bit unusual? Yes this whole story seems weird Since you are asking, you know he is too old for you. While you may have some things in common, eventually, there will be a divide. You will feel like you missed something.

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