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Sonny will still want to proceed with caution, but Josslyn and Dev may still regain some sense of normalcy. Regardless, Sonny will give Joss and Dev ates on Thursday. She may be tired of dealing with the grief, anger and questions Taggert left behind. Fortunately, Cameron knows how to cheer Trina up and support her. Things will grow increasingly complicated for Cameron in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Michael must relive the horrific experience of his rape at the hands of Carter when he witnesses Abby's ex-boyfriend, Brandon Lowell Ross Thomas 's attempted rape on her. Though the scenes are not very revealing, then head-writer, Bob Guza, wanted to make sure viewers noticed the visual and physical similarities between the attempted rape on Abby, and Michael's actual rape in prison.

Michael's saving of Abby before she is actually raped serves as a kind of "catharsis" for him, allowing him to finally admit his experience in prison. Each reaction to Michael's confession is very different; With Sonny, "Michael somehow feels like he's let his father down," but in his own way, Sonny also has the "right" reaction to Michael's confession.

Carly's reaction is also very out of character, instead of allowing her anger to get the best of her, she embraces Michael. She even convinces him to go to counseling. The "guilt-stricken" Jason makes sure to remind Michael that "he's a survivor, not a victim.

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Even with his new sense of freedom, and his new love, Michael is still determined to break into the mob. Upon his release, Michael "swore to himself he would never let anyone make him feel small and helpless as Carter Josh Wingate did to him and there's a part of him that wants to have the power now after feeling completely powerless," Duell revealed. Despite understanding Michael's reasons for wanting to be in the mob, Duell described the obsession as "silly," because Michael is willing to throw his life away, despite all the support and opportunities he has.

However, Michael and Abby's age difference becomes a big problem for his mother, and his little sister, Kristina. Duell said that Michael and Abby have "common ground with each other. Michael went through something really awful and she has been through abusive stuff. Michael Fairman worried that because of Duell's performances whenever Michael is faced with tough situations, Michael would eventually lose Abby.

Duell responded saying he'd have no problem playing a scenario in which Michael loses Abby, if it made sense, and was well written; however, he was content with and enjoyed building Michael's relationship with Abby.

Bogart stated that she hoped that Michael would eventually find some happiness because he had been through so much. Upon Alderson's introduction as Starr, viewers and critics immediately began speculating that the two would be paired together.

Duell said that he really enjoyed working with Alderson and said that he was ready for Michael to find some happiness. Michael and Starr's relationship starts off complicated because Sonny is believed to behind the deaths of her family.

According to when Starr and Michael first start to bond, it is like one big "therapy session. Michael defending Sonny causes a lot of trouble for the duo. Duell revealed that even if Michael and Starr were to become romantic, it would take quite some time as both of them needed to heal first.

Talking with Starr starts the healing process for Michael. The two become friends rather quickly despite their father's being at odds. However, Duell revealed that a romance was possible once they could get past what has happened.

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But Duell hoped that it would not be rushed. However, their new friendship and budding romance is threatened with re-introduction of Michael's sister, Kristina Lindsey Morgan and the arrival of her reality show producer, Trey Mitchell Erik Valdez. Trey seems to annoy Starr a lot, which causes Michael to become a bit more protective of her. However, when Starr and Trey begin to commiserate over their fathers, Starr feels as if Michael is overreacting. The re-introduction of Michael's biological father, A.

Sean Kanan completely turns his life upside down. Michael grows up believing the bitter battle was started by A. However, when A. Michael is completely blindsided and disgusted by his mother's past actions. He never expected any of what A. Though he does not condone A. Michael has mixed emotions; he does not know what to feel. Michael has so many questions running through his head, and majority of them begin with "What if? Billy Warlock to be unfit. Jason must make the decision to get Michael surgery when the child is diagnosed with a severe heart condition.

Robin tells A. Afterwards she marries Sonny, who threatens A. In FebruaryA. Michael witnesses A. Michael makes several attempts to reunite his parents, but eventually forms a bond with his stepfather Jr Jacks Ingo Rademacher.

Bobbie Lashes Out Against Nelle and Michael's Engagement

When a serial killer begins terrorizing Port Charles, claiming the lives of Emily and his nanny Leticia Jessi Moralesand almost his mother, Michael takes it upon himself to protect his family by purchasing a gun. After accidentally shooting his father's girlfriend Kate Howard Megan War Michael runs away from home.

When he and Carly Laura Wright are reunited in a local warehouse, they are nearly killed in an explosion. Michael is rendered comatose in April after being shot in the head when a sniper tries to kill Sonny. Carly, Sonny, and Jason all hope for Michael to wake up and come back to them.

After the risky surgery, Michael wakes up exhibiting uncontrollable fits of rage. Carly, who is dealing with a high-risk pregnancy, agrees to send Michael to live with the Quartermaines.

Believing his family will be better off, Michael and Kristina Lexi Ainsworth skip town when he mistakenly believes that he caused an accident that led to his stepmother, Claudia Sarah Brown 's miscarriage. The teens soon return, and Michael suddenly begins uncovering memories from the coma. He eventually remembers that Claudia was the one responsible for his shooting.

He goes to tell Sonny, only to find him confronting Claudia for the shooting. Claudia takes Carly hostage, and escapes.

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Michael is on his way out of town when he discovers Claudia's car abandoned on the side of the road. Trying to stop Claudia from stealing his newborn sister Josslyn JacksMichael kills her and is forced to keep quiet. When Sonny is arrested for Claudia's murder, Michael's attempt to confess goes unnoticed, and he is soon sent to Sonny's island.

However, Sonny's newfound son, Dante Falconeri Dominic Zamprogna finds Michael and brings him back, where he confesses under oath to Claudia's murder. Michael is sent to prison, but Jason later pleads guilty to a felony with the condition that he receive the same sentence and will share a cell with Michael in order to protect him.

Unfortunately, by the time Jason gets there, Michael has been attacked by Carter, another inmate. Jason kills Carter to protect Michael.

After this, Dante manages to work out a deal, getting Michael released on parole. He backs out, but he and Abby become friends, and eventually start dating. After saving Abby from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Michael finally admits to his family that he was raped by Carter in prison.

With Abby and his family's help, Michael goes to therapy, and is able to recover, graduating from high school. Michael and Abby both start working at ELQ When a stalker starts beating up Abby's friends, Michael sends her out of town to keep her safe. Abby has an unfortunate accident, and ends up dying, leaving Michael devastated.

Michael befriends a grieving Starr Manning Kristen Alderson after his failed attempt to save her daughter and boyfriend, and they soon start dating. As the family mourns the deaths of Jason and Michael's great-grandfather Edward Quartermaine John IngleMichael becomes the center of yet another battle between Sonny, Carly and a very much alive A.

Sean Kanan. Michael bonds with A. Together, Michael and A. Starr suddenly leaves town and dumps Michael over the phone. Michael gets drunk and wakes up in bed with Sonny's ex-wife Brenda Barrett Vanessa Marcilbelieving they have slept together; it's later revealed that they didn't. Michael and Kiki initially clash, but soon fall for each other and kiss. They are soon led to believe they are cousins when Kiki is revealed to be Franco 's Roger Howarth long lost daughter.

By the time their connection is proven false, Morgan and Kiki have eloped.

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When Kate Kelly Sullivan is murdered, A. At Morgan and Kiki's reception, a grieving Sonny reveals that Morgan knew Kiki and Michael weren't related, and he married her so Kiki would not leave him for Michael. A furious Morgan blames his family for favoring Michael.

Michael and Kiki start dating when she dumps Morgan. Michael is devastated when a drunken A. Michael later learns that his great uncle Luke Spencer Anthony Geary has been hitting on Kiki, even though he is engaged to Tracy. Meanwhile, Michael and Tracy reconcile and he welcomes her back to the company. Michael discovers that Rivera is not A.

Michael holds Sonny at gunpoint, ready to kill him, but his brothers talk him down.

Apr 09,   General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Willow Tait's (Katelyn MacMullen) on the verge of making a life-changing decision. Nelle Benson Archer (Chloe Lanier) has pushed Willow to her limit when it comes to Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos (Erik and Theo Olson). Willow feels like Nelle doesn't care about Wiley at all, so she's desperate for a way to stop Nelle from .

Michael disowns Kiki and Morgan upon discovering that they knew about Sonny's involvement in A. Kiki discovers them in bed together, and Michael dumps her on the spot. Sonny is sent to prison for A. Sonny breaks out of jail when Luke threatens Michael, and saves Michael and several others from being killed by a bomb Luke planted. When the governor grants Sonny a pardon for saving his daughter from the bomb, releasing him from prison, Michael is furious, and, as revenge, sues for custody of Sonny's newborn daughter Avery.

Michael brings up Sonny's past and his own shooting, depicting Sonny as an unfit parent, and wins custody of Avery. Michael, meanwhile, starts a relationship with Sabrina. She convinces him to try to reconcile with his parents, and Michael gives Avery back to Sonny. Sabrina finds out she is pregnant, and Michael is excited to be a father. However, Michael later finds out that Carlos is the baby's father, and is upset with Sabrina for lying to him.

She leaves town before Michael has a chance to make amends with her.

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He later gets a note from Sabrina saying she's not coming back. Michael discovers that "Jake" is actually Jason, alive with a new face.

Carlos is arrested and brought back to Port Charles, and Michael asks him where Sabrina is. Carlos refuses to give up Sabrina's location, and escapes from police custody. Carlos dies before he can reveal where Sabrina is. Michael enlists Sonny's help to find Sabrina. When Sabrina's son shows up at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael realizes Sabrina is in trouble. He and Sonny go to Puerto Rico and rescue Sabrina from her captor. He reunites her with her son, and the two mend their relationship.

Michael's newfound happiness with Sabrina and her son, Teddyis shattered when Sabrina is murdered. Unfortunately, Michael is dealt another devastating blow soon after when Morgan is killed in a car bombing meant for Julian. Sonny is suspected by many, including Michael, until Jason finds evidence that proves him innocent. Michael, meanwhile, starts to grow close with Nelle Hayes Chloe Lanierthe kidney donor who saved Michael's sister, Josslyn.

Fairman also discussed the irony of Jason becoming the only person Michael can really depend on, considering Jason raising Michael for the first year of his life. Despite his controversial firing, Garrett received a Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Younger Actor category for his portrayal of Michael following Claudia's murder. Your plans always make me nervous. The article also noted Duell's expert portrayal of Michael during the prison storyline stating that the actor "managed to expertly convey the sorrow, anger, confusion and angst of a privileged young man who had to pay for the lifestyle his parents raised him up in.

The scene in which Michael says goodbye to Abby comes off "signaling that whatever innocence Michael had left died alongside Abby.

While it was Duell's fourth nomination, it was his first in the supporting actor category and his first win overall.

Who is michael from general hospital dating in real life - Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. Rich man looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Apr 29,   General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Thursday, April 30, tease that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will have some news for Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Dev Cerci aka "Dev Corbin." Sonny will suggest he needs to tell them something, so this may tie in with Sonny and Cyrus Renault's (Jeff Kober) "deal." Sonny's goal is to make Cyrus drop his guard and . May 01,   General Hospital spoilers say Michael will make a life-changing choice during the week of May That'll most likely be offering Willow a formal proposal. Willow assured Michael that if marrying him was the only way to beat Nelle Benson Archer (Chloe Lanier), she would do it.

Bob Guza in response to accusations of glorifying violence. Fans and critics alike criticized the rumored storyline. Jamey Giddens, of Daytime Confidential wondered what Cash's exit would mean for the "already fractured [Quartermaine] dynasty.

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Another member of Daytime ConfidentialLuke Kerr also spoke out against the storyline due to Michael being one of the only surviving members of the famed Quartermaine family, despite being raised as a member of the Corinthos family.

While some viewed the shooting of a child as a "risky move," others saw the plot as an opportunity for the character to be aged. Drew Garrett's sudden ousting was characterized by most critics as "shocking.

The show was criticized for recasting the role at the height of a very critical storyline in the character's history. On the day of the announcement, "Keep Drew Garrett" became a trending topic on Twitter. Along with fan outrage, the news sparked a Facebook campaign with constant comments from Garrett's fans.

Founder of the campaign, LeAnn Skeen responded to criticism about her efforts with, "It's not silly. Fans get really upset about TV shows.

And the executive producers really need to respect what the viewers want. With the news of his firing, Cooney admitted that she was very conflicted about continuing to watch the series.

Later, Benard and Duell found some common ground and have since developed a friendship. Though Michael can be seen as an infuriating teenager, Becca Thomas described Garrett's performance as "stellar" said that she actually rooted for Michael despite all the terrible decisions he made.

The younger characters had become very well rounded, and Garrett's ousting leaves viewers unsure about the direction. Though she was close to Drew Garrett, she could not take it out on Chad because the decision was beyond his control. However, the article applauded Duell who proved that "lightning does strike twice. Thomas and Harlen praised Duell's performance during Michael's prison stint and possible rape.

During the week of Maymore General Hospital spoilers that point to this Michael and Willow wedding moving forward. Then, Michael will be surrounded by loved ones. Later, Chase will get an earful from Carly. It certainly sounds like Chase will try to stop this wedding, but that may not be the extent of his shocking stunt. Another hint came from an Instagram photo Josh Swickard posted back on March Swickard and Chad Duell had been on set wearing what appears to be wedding attire.

That means Chase will likely show up and insist Willow should marry him instead! However, before Michael can leave, he finds out from Carly that Morgan is in trouble after getting into debt gambling online and disappearing to avoid the bookies he owes.

Michael stays behind to help with finding his brother. Michael has Spinelli's friend download the chats between Morgan and the girl he met. When Carly leaves, Michael gets a call from Morgan, who says he's going to fix the mess he's in. Michael says he wants to help and asks Morgan to tell him where he is so they can figure it out together. Morgan agrees and tells Michael where he is. Michael locates Morgan and takes a beaten up Morgan to the hospital.

Morgan is treated and ditches back to his girlfriend's place. Morgan and Kiki force Michael to allow Kiki to stay with them in Michael's apartment. Michael recieves a text with Jason's face telling him to be at the Haunted Star. Franco shows up and reveals he did not rape Sam and he is not responsible for Michael getting raped because he never told Carter to hurt Michael. Michael tells Kiki about the rape, but tells her not to tell Morgan. Michael and Kiki start becoming friendly, and eventually develop a closeness that results in a kiss.

The two agree it was a mistake, and try to stay away for Morgan. Soon after, Michael finds out that Kiki is the daughter of Franco, making her his cousin. The two try to stay away, but the attraction between them remains. It's later revealed that Kiki is not the daughter of Franco, but Dr. Silas Clayan old flame of her mother, Ava Jerome.

Morgan, knowing that Kiki will leave him for Michael if she found out the truth, proposes to her and Kiki accepts. Kiki expresses the same doubt, but Morgan writes them both off. Soon after, Connie is killed, and A. Sonny, who was dating Connie, is devastated and spirals out of control.

Michael tries to help A. They eventually find him and talk him down. Ava, as part of her criminal plans to take over the Corinthos organization, plans a wedding reception for Kiki and Morgan. She is able to persuade Sonny to co-host the event and have him decide that he shouldn't take his medication.

At the wedding reception, Sonny reveals that Morgan knew that Michael and Kiki weren't cousins before the wedding and Kiki ends her marriage with Morgan once he confirms that Sonny is telling the truth. Michael and Kiki have a talk after Morgan leaves and both admit that they love each other. They decide to give their relationship a chance. The next day, Kiki decides to go and stay with Ava, having left Morgan and not wanting to make things worse by staying with Michael. However, when she goes to her mother's room, she finds Ava in bed with Morgan.

He tells Michael that he's done with him and he's staying with Ava. When Kiki can't find a place, she agrees to stay with Michael. The two of them sleep together for the first time when she makes this decision. Michael goes to Sonny looking for work, and Sonny apologizes for letting Morgan convince him to keep the secret about Kiki from Michael. Michael forgives him, and asks him for a job.

Who is michael dating on general hospital

Sonny says he'll consider it. He thinks Ava is connected to the Jerome mob familythought to be long gone. Michael takes his warning into account, already distrustful of Ava. Michael later tells Kiki about Morgan and Ava's relationship and both suspect that Morgan is in more trouble than he realizes, given the suspicion around Ava.

Michael confronts Morgan after a bug is found in Sonny's office. The two get in a fight at pier 52 and Micheal hits Morgan a few times, but Morgan end up hitting Michael, who hits his head and falls into the harbor. Then, Franco ends up saving him. A few weeks later, Michael attends A. J's trial and was there for both of his fathers. When A.

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When Carly goes missing Franco is the main suspect because Heather Webber was framing him. Michael believes that Franco is guilty but his girlfriend Kiki doesn't. Franco manages to save Carly but Micheal still blames Franco and Kiki. In April, Michael's father, A. He and Kiki also get closer, and she reassures him that just because she will be living in the place as Morgan, Michael is the only Corinthos brother for her. Michael and Tracy come to an agreement and she is welcomed back in the the company.

In September, Michael kills Kobe. Michael also finds out that Carlos wasn't the one who killed AJ and suspects that it was Ava who did it. He tells Kiki and his mom that he is going to investigate but they both tell him not too but he does anyways.

On the day of his mom and Franco's wedding rolls around and Michael finally finds out that Sonny killed AJ and he blows up as his mom saying that she is dead to him. He goes looking for Sonny and finds him at the Brownstone where he holds a gun on him and threatens to kill him. Morgan and Dante show him right as Michael is about to kill Sonny. They eventually talk him out of it and Sonny is arrested. Afterwards, Kiki shows up and she confesses that she and Morgan knew that Sonny killed AJ and Michael is furious and disowns them as well.

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Michael heads to the Floating Rib for drinks, where he runs into Rosalie. The two start talking and Michael finds out about what Rosalie was suppose to do for Nina. They continue talking and end up kissing. The next morning they wake up in bed together. Later on, Kiki walks in and Michael breaks up with her. Nephew Rocco. On July 31,Michael and Nelle's son was born but she gave Brad their son after his adoptive son with Lucas had died.

Nelle led Michael to believe their son Jonah had died and even went so far as to try to blame him for his "death" just to stick it to Michael, who was heartbroken. Eventually he revealed that he and Nelle were not married and that it was part of his plan to take her down. Inafter Kristina begins to get in deep with DOD, she asks Michael to lend her some money for the classes that she's going to take there.

After she says she'll pay him back in scheduled payments, he agrees. He tells this to Sonny, Jason, and Sam and this worries them.

Michael is later realizing how deeply involved she is with this, he goes to confront Kristina about the money and how Willow is worried about her. While he is helping out Kristina, Michael also meets Sasha Gilmore. Nina had introduced them, and they seemed to have hit it off. They run into each other a few more times.

He asks her if she likes him. She says she does but then leaves abruptly. They are both later seen at Voloninos and they begin to talk about the last time they saw each other. She said she left because he said he didn't want anyone who had secrets.

Michael Corinthos

She says she needs an uncomplicated friend. He agrees and it leads to them having sex. On July 31, Michael and Sasha go to Puerto Rico on vacation where they meet a woman named Sandy Lancewho invites them to breakfast the next morning. Unbeknownst to either one of them, "Sandy" is actually a drug kingpin named Cassandra Pierce.

On August 7, Sasha started getting sick and she collapsed so she was rushed to the hospital where she was eventually diagnosed with Avian Influenza A. Eventually, Sasha showed signs of improvement and was on the road to a full recovery.

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On September 16, Sasha confessed to Michael that she's not Nina's daughter and that Valentin hired her to pretend to be. She told Michael her grandmother had been sick and she needed the money to take care of her and when she died, Nina was the only family she had left.

At first Michael was upset that she had lied, however at the Metro Court he later visited Sasha in her hotel room and apologized for his reaction, acknowledging she was nothing like Nelle and that she was only looking after her grandmother. On October 8, Sasha finally confessed that she was not Nina's daughter after being outed by Lulu.

Michael stood by her while everyone else raged at her for her deception. Eventually, Sasha was released presumably on bail and she and Michael went to the Metro Court. Michael gave Carly and Sasha some privacy and when he got back, Carly revealed that she and Sasha came to an understanding and decided to give her another chance.

Eventually, Nina dropped the charges against Sasha but made it clear she would never forgive her. On Thanksgiving Day, Michael was looking after Wiley and he eventually learned that Lucas and Brad got into a car accident plus Lucas ended up in a coma.

Nelle had been stabbed but was on her way back to Pentonville after recovering. Eventually, when Michael attended the ELQ shareholder's meeting at the Quartermaine mansion, Nelle and her attorney Martin Gray showed up with a temporary injunction that gives Nelle voting rights to Oscar's shares until it is determined which bequest is valid; the shares going to Shiloh or the Kilimanjaro foundation.

On January 17, Michael learned that Nelle was staying with Brad and Wiley so he decided to move her into the Quartermaine mansion to keep her close and to keep her away from Wiley. Michael was the target but Laura got shot and was collateral damage. Eventually, Dustin Phillips showed up and fought the gunmen off.

On February 3, Michael tried to break up with Sasha to protect her but she didn't have any of it and insisted on standing by him. Eventually, Michael and Sasha confessed their love for one another and kissed.

The next day, Sasha joined Michael at the Quartermaine mansion where they ran into Nelle. After Nelle and Sasha exchanged insults, Michael made Nelle an offer to go away if she didn't want to be in the boathouse where he ended up putting her.

Nelle said it wasn't enough and tore up his offer. On February 6, Michael learned that Lucas was awake and he eventually paid him a visit. Lucas was recovering but had no memory of being in the car before it crashed, though he did have memories of everyone else. On February 19, Michael finally learned that Wiley is his son when Lucas told him after his memory of that night returned.

He was in total shock as Carly tore into Brad for switching the real Wiley with Jonah, and then Michael raged at Brad for what he did.

Faked his own kidnapping to try and get his parents back together [Apr ] Attempted to kill his father, A. Bought a gun off the street [Jan ] Threatened to put T. Liesl Obrecht in a closet [Jun 27, ] Threw Shiloh to the ground in defense of Willow Tait [May 22, ] Pretended to be a drunkard so that he could go to jail and help Jason [Jun 27, ] Locked Officers Billy Pryce and Rick Evans in a jail cell and escaped from custody along with Jason [Jun 27, ] Threw Shiloh off a chair and threatened to kill him [Jul 10, ] Assaulted Shiloh and threw him in an elevator [Jul 29, ] Threatened Valentin Cassadine [Oct 2, ] Blackmailing Valentin by threatening to have him go down if Sasha Gilmore goes down for fraud [Oct 16, present] Assaulted Det.

Harrison Chase by pushing him [Apr 22, ]. Born 4 weeks early via emergency C-section [74] [Dec ] Had a congenital heart condition defect as a baby that required surgery he inherited it from his biological father and passed it down to his son Kidnapped by Tony Jones as a baby Fell down a well and was rendered unconscious [Apr ] Suffered internal bleeding around his kidney from the fall [Apr ] Had to have surgery to remove a hematoma [Apr ] Hurt his arm while playing soccer [75] [Oct ] Kidnapped along with his siblings, Kristina and Morgan by Faith Rosco [Feb ] Kidnapped by his biological father, A.

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Quartermaine right after being kidnapped by Faith thought to be dead and was brainwashed Went into shock after witnessing Asher Thomas "kill" his father, A. Rendered unconscious and suffered minor injuries in a bus crash [Jan ] Held at gunpoint by one of the The Balken 's men [Mar] Held at gunpoint by Anthony Zacchara [May ] Accidentally grabbed by the arm had it twisted and pushed towards the ledge of a balcony by Sam she thought he was Franco [Nov 21, ] Briefly knocked unconscious and suffered a cut to his hand after being struck by a motorcycle driven by Jason [Dec 30, ] Almost fell off a cliff [Feb 28, ] Held at gunpoint by Joe Scully, Jr.

General Hospital. General Hospital: Night Shift. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Michael redirects here. For other uses of the name, see Michael disambiguation This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors.

Contents [ show ]. Born onscreen on December 29,Michael has been portrayed by: Twin actors Dylan and Blake Hopkins from After three years with the series, Cash signed a contract in April After a year asleep - and a subsequent stint in prison - Michael is no longer the sweet little boy everyone remembers.

Garrett revealed that he first auditioned for the role of with Laura Wrightwho portrayed Michael's mother, Carly. After about three weeks of waiting, Garrett finally was asked to return for a session with the producers. At this time, Garrett was still unaware of the role he was auditioning for, knowing it only to be "Michael," and a week later his agent told him his follow up screen test was cancelled and that he was the new Michael Corinthos.

People want to see some stuff go down. They want some bar brawls! And for that reason, it will add a lot more interest and attract the younger audience for summer time.

He snaps, but it builds up. Michael bottles it up. He tries not to show people his anger. If he were to show people his anger, maybe what happened to him in prison would be more revealed to everyone. Baby Michael and Jason Michael was born 4 weeks early [43] on December 29,[44] after Carly starts bleeding due to a placental abruption and collapses.

Michael Garrett wakes up Learning that his mother had almost died, Michael starts to moving his hand showing [64] [65] Carly that he is responsive. Michael Garrett and Kristina in Mexico After being held hostage by a Zacchara soldier, Carly fears for her son will be in danger and places him under the custody of the Quartermaines, his biological father's family.

Michael Garrett and brother, Morgan Refvem After attending the town carnival in September[69] Michael begins to have more flashbacks during his comatose year, especially that of one very apologetic Claudia.

Michael gets pulled over by Lucky for drunk driving With Michael clearly being affected by the death, starts to resent his family, to the point to where he begins to drink and drive.

Carly comforts Michael while he breaks down On January 21,Michael discovers that Dominic is actually an undercover cop, and reveals it Sonny soon after.

Michael and Carly hug before he goes to prison Michael tells Dante that he's the one who killed Claudia. Michael and Jason in prison Michael becomes uncomfortable when Kristina's friend, Ali, starts hitting on him. Michael finds Olivia during the bus crash On November 18,however, Claire arranges for the restrictions on Michael's release to be lifted, allowing Michael and Sonny to see each other at any time.

Michael with Kristina, Morgan, Molly and his ex-stepmother, Brenda When Abby is attacked and almost raped by her ex-boyfriend Brandon LowellMichael rushes to help her.

Michael and a dead Abby Abby is excited to go out of town on her first business trip. Michael with cousin Danny In middle ofMichael starts dating Starr.

Michael and Kristina A. Michael finds Morgan after he was beat up Michael stays behind to help with finding his brother.

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