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As I stepped into the small cramped elevator with a pound of make-up on my face, beads of sweat trickling down my forehead, and my heart racing like I was sitting front row at a Justin Bieber concertit started! Alas, no year-old boy with golden locks came dancing around the stage to serenade me and all the other year-old girls. My days consisted of studying international politics, economics, and law in Chinese. My goal was to work long-term and start a career in China. So with that in mind, I was more focused on my studies and finding a job after graduation than being a reality TV dating show contestant. The last sentence was Tiger Mom approved!

Fei Cheng Wu Rao: China's Hottest Dating Show

So far as I know, currently there are more than ten TV shows of the kind aired at the same time. Slightly different, most of the shows follow the basic procedures : 24 or so single women line up on stage and are presented to a male candidate.

The candidate will introduce himself with few clips of video and answer questions from the ladies on stage. During this introduction, the ladies press a button to turn off the light in front of them if they have no interest in the guy.

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On each episode 5 or 6 candidates will be presented, so on average each candidate has around 20 minutes to get a date, if succeeds. There are also variations of the show, with men lining up to choose a female candidate or parents of girls are invited on stage to participate.

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Unlike the old dating TV programs, these new style shows have drawn audience with dramatic elements, which has caused the accusation that these shows are to produced for rating instead of really helping people to find a date. In the show, you can see confrontation, suspense and shocking opinion from the participants.

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If the man candidate has no light on for him in the final round, he loses the chance to choose any women on stage. For another, related scandals are reported constantly. Yan Fengjiao was the one of the women on the show. She came across as a shy, innocent girl on TV.

Jun 30,   The latest reality-TV scandal to transfix the nation involves Ma Nuo, a year-old model from Beijing who appeared on China's most popular dating show, If You Are the One. She haughtily rejected an offer from a male contestant to take a ride on his bike, epitomizing the materialism that some say has come to define the nouveau riche of the post.

However her sexy nude photos circulating online tell another story. While these shows do help people find their partnersthey also has more or less become a platform for some young people to get the 15 minutes of fame. The popularity she gained from this show is enormous, whether she wants it or not.

After the show, she was invited to be a guest host in some program and attend various TV programs. I showed them my business card and my friend showed his CJ business card and everynight we fucked a different girl from the nightclubs.

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Are Asian women all this easy? Asian guys at least have money to pay for a hooker, white guys only carry a piece of shit to clubs.

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TV dating programs in China

I started to get intimidated by the difficulty of the questions asked by the girls and how intense certain girls would be in terms of grilling male contestants. Soon afterwards, I found out how difficult it really is to win this show.


As I watched previous episodes and saw men get torn apart, I had my reservations about continuing on. I consider myself a fairly confident individual but the thought of getting chewed out on national television would shake the most confident of men. My episode was aired one month after taping. As an overseas Chinese participating on this show, there is definitely added pressure.

Chinese is not my native language. They take one good look at my face and assume that my English is not as good as the Swiss-German with blonde hair and blues eyes. Yes, that has happened to me on numerous occasions.

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Though, an ABC competing on this show has an overall edge since we have the best of both worlds. Do you plan on seeing them or returning back to the States?

Apr 15,   It's a Chinese show called "????" (Perfect Dating). I saw a random clip of a beautiful girl traveling a long way to go on this show to confess her love to one of the guys on the show. Keep in mind, this show is for female guests to go on the show to have a chance to meet the guy of their dreams. Dec 04,   Top 10 highest-paid YouTube stars of , according to Forbes. By Caitlin O'Kane December 4, / PM / CBS News Top 10 highest-paid YouTubers of Dude Perfect If You Are the One (Fei Cheng Wu Rao: literally "If not sincere then don't bother") is the most successful TV dating show among many other asian dating programs aired in China now. So far as I know, currently there are more than ten TV shows of the kind aired at the same time. Slightly different, most of the shows follow the basic procedures: 24 or so single women line up on stage and.

My life post- Fei Cheng Wu Rao has been interesting. High school girls would secretly take photos of me and chatter among their friends in the restaurant.

Looking China. K likes. Official Facebook page of Looking China Youth Film ProjectFollowers: K. YEAH BUDDY! My goal was to work long-term and start a career in China. So with that in mind, I was more focused on my studies and finding a job after graduation than being a reality TV dating show contestant. (The last sentence was Tiger Mom approved!) Yet, the opportunity to appear on a nationally-syndicated Chinese dating show doesn't come. Fei Cheng Wu Rao (????) is a television dating game show on Jiangsu Satellite Television, one of China's most popular TV networks. The show's title, directly translated to "if you're not serious, then don't bother me," reflects the direct and to-the-point attitude that has made the program so popular since it first debuted in early Author: Charles Custer.

The attention is extremely flattering but I tried to keep it low-key. Though, sometimes the attention was unavoidable. For example, I recently interviewed with a big company and was immediately asked if I was a contestant on the show so to my surprise, my experience has been pretty helpful in interviews. Overall, being on the show has helped me out in a lot of regards.

Perfect dating china 2018 youtube

I want to let you in on a little secret Very sweet personality, down to earth personality, very chill and easy going. Though, I have gotten some negative feedback from some viewers of the show. I thought it was pretty funny actually.

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Here are some of my favorite comments that people have written about me and Jiang Yu on the show. The last 3 comments are my favorite. What I love about haters is that they are gonna hate you no matter what There are probably gonna be a good percentage of people who will hate on this article as well.

You just gotta gotta be you and not worry about the naysayers, doubters, and haters. Lastly, I want to say that I got truly lucky on this show.

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I had the best-case scenario and am truly grateful for the experience that was Fei Cheng Wu Rao. Just lucky I guess. I would do it in a heart-beat.

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