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It was a rainy night in mid-September, and the specter of winter, which some residents joke lasts 90 percent of the year, was already looming over the throng. For residents of Uptown, which lacks skyways, going out can be a pastime for the very hearty - or the very motivated. Lindma, who was wearing her shock of platinum hair piled atop her head. McElver, 23, an aspiring screenwriter. McElver said. Uptown guys, they said, tend to be musicians or artists living in neighborhoods like Whittier, where rents are cheaper. In other words, hipsters.

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Featuring 30 craft beers and classic American cuisine, the tavern encourages adult conversation in a laid-back atmosphere. Weekly trivia nights and daily happy hours invite a lot of laughter and goodwill among friendly Minneapolis locals.

Uptown Tavern always has something exciting going on. Singles can check the bar's calendar online to find out what sports or music events to look out for. Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge offers a crass and crazy tiki bar for cynical beach lovers trapped in Middle America.

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It's a refuge for weary singles. The bar serves fruity drinks "with a passive-aggressive mixture of bad taste and good Minnesota hospitality.

The 40 Year Old Virgin (4/8) Movie CLIP - Date-a-palooza (2005) HD

The rum-spiked punch keeps patrons sane and entertained as they de-stress in Psycho Suzi's completely wacky atmosphere. Looking for a cheat code to get a date? Try Up-Down! This arcade bar makes starting a conversation and making a friend easy - just play a game of Frogger, Donkey Kong, or Blasteroids.

With over 50 arcade games, skeeball lanes, and pinball machines available, Up-Down certainly brings the fun to daters in downtown Minneapolis.

The games only cost a quarter, so you can spend all night reliving your childhood and keeping your reflexes sharp. Anyone can go online to suggest a new game or beer to add to the collection, which is always growing.

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You can take your relationship to the next level by challenging your date to best you at life-size Jenga or Connect Four. Plus, the bar has over 64 beers on tap and five house-made pizzas served by the slice.

It has quite a few popular gay bars, but our favorite is Gay 90s Minneapolis. Why do we love it so much? Because they managed to pack six bars, three dance floors, and a whole lot of personality in one building. Every night, a themed drag show gets people laughing, and singing. LGBTQ millennials find a home-away-from-home here.

The real Minneapolis dating scene: Don't talk to me unless I know you already

The bar features karaoke nights, live musical performances, foam parties, dance parties, drink specials, cosplay competitions, and Taco Tuesdays. This quaint neighborhood bar often hosts special cask events to give people a taste of uncommonly good brews. All year round, thirsty patrons crowd together on the roof to savor quality drinks as they look out over downtown Minneapolis. The Late Night Date Night deal, offered every evening after 8 p.

When you meet someone you like, you usually know right away. The chemistry is instant. Yet the standard dating practice forces singles to linger on dates that have no future and waste precious time. Speed dating puts an end to that time suck and lets singles meet more people more efficiently. Fast, easy, and fun, speed dating events in Minneapolis are fantastic ways to meet eligible date prospects. Minneapolis Speed Dating - Eventbrite. Singles events are the real deal. If you ever feel like the dating scene is dead in Minneapolis, go to a singles event to mingle in a date-worthy crowd and come away with a pocketful of phone numbers.

Participants enjoy live music and drink specials throughout the night. People go to St.

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Paul to work, and they come to Minneapolis to play. The city offers a vibrant nightlife to singles looking for a place to let loose. From jazz clubs to comedy clubs, the downtown scene has many attractions and distractions to make long hours seem short. A youthful crowd hits the nightclubs in Minneapolis to meet new people on the dance floor.

Minneapolis Singles Clubs - Do people still meet in chat rooms? You betcha!

Nov 12,   Minneapolis Has A Top 10 Dating Scene - Here's Why - Southwest Minneapolis, MN - Minneapolis is one of the best cities in the U.S. for singles, according to a new William Bornhoft. Oct 08,   The real Minneapolis dating scene: Don't talk to me unless I know you already Posted on October 8, June 23, by 20poorandfabulous This New York Times article chronicling the dating habits of Minneapolis residents is missing a few key elements of our *wonderful* dating scene.

Live chat rooms are just as popular as ever, especially among active daters. In a dating chat room, Minneapolis singles can feel free to be themselves. These virtual spaces attract web surfers longing for instant connection. The fast-moving chat helps daters up their game and get intimate with like-minded people in their area. Well, online dating personals help singles attract a blizzard of date prospects without leaving the warmth and safety of their own homes.

Simply create a profile, state your desires, and wait for compatible singles to answer your ad. You can also seek out local dating personals by searching by age, location, or interests.

Dating personals websites make online dating much more straightforward and localized. Minneapolis literally means water city. Ina schoolmaster named Charles Hoag combined the Dakota Sioux word for water mni and the Greek word for city polis to describe a city where land meets water and diverse cultures flow into one another.

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Today, the city continues to represent beautiful natural wonders and friendly people. Even in frigid temperatures, many Minneapolis residents come to admire Minnehaha Park. You can enjoy engaging scenery and meet outdoorsy folks by taking advantage of the well-maintained Minneapolis park system. Those who fly over this country are really missing out. Overvisitors come to this public park every year.

The wading pools, volleyball courts, and bandstands create plenty of opportunities to make new friends. The Chain of Lakesa series of parks around five central lakes, is the destination of choice for many bicyclists, fisherman, and ice skaters. Linked by a mile network of pathways, these crowded shores provide just as much fun on land as on the water. On fair-weather weekends, the Chain of Lakes is a hub of activity, perfect for a single person looking to meet locals out of doors.

A great way to network with locals in Minneapolis is to join an activity-based group. Break the Bubble, a Minneapolis social group, has over 1, followers on Facebook.

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Not sure what your interests or hobbies are? No problem! Break the Bubble is a general social group for anyone seeking friends in Minneapolis. Taking that step to put yourself out there online or in person can make the difference between sitting at home alone and going out on a lot of fun dates in Minneapolis.

Good luck! When she was growing up, her family teased her for being "boy crazy," but she preferred to think of herself as a budding dating expert. Winter also plays a huge part in our disjointed dating scene.

For over 6 months of the year, you are confined to the walls of your home, the numbers in your telephone and your Facebook chat list. Making friends in the winter is nearly impossible. Gay and love dancing? Going through a never-ending existential crisis with a side of seasonal depression? See him once a week. I n a band? You see, folks? Those weird romances could have happened to anyone in any city across the country, even the world.

Minneapolis dating scene

Let it bring us together. F me on Facebook punkssss. Not everybody is going to get along, not everybody is going to like you and not everybody is gonna like me.

Take solace in the fact that we all suck, and keep your eye out for that special person who sucks the least. I believe the combined twin cities metro area is the 4th or 5th Largest in the country?

Your point is. And she didnt really out anybody anyway. Try the 16th. I do agree I seem to be not in the norm, nor the majority. Would be nice if more people did it as well.

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You sound like a really fun person full of optimism and positive, infectious energy! Want to hang out sometime?

Oct 06,   The Dating Scene? Hip, With a Bit of 'Minnesota Nice' MINNEAPOLIS - As night-life emissaries go, one could do worse than Robert John Wayne, a year-old artist here who happily told a Author: Matt Haber. A Single's Guide to Dating in Minneapolis, MN. Share this article: Minneapolis is made for lovers. Its beautiful scenery, ample cultural events, and thriving economy make Minnesota's largest city a perfect place for finding your soulmate. Here's a single's guide to dating in the Twin Kelsey Roseth. How's Social/Dating Life? I currently live on the east coast and have a job opportunity in the Minneapolis area. Professionally, it's a great opportunity but I am wondering about the social ct of it-I would appreciate any insight on how easy/difficult it is to meet other young people.

I truly believe that if one have feelings like the ones expressed in this article then, no matter what, you are predestined to dis-enjoy any experience. If you in fact ARE and LIVE the way you want people to be when you interact with them, then your whole experience will be as you desire it to be.

In fact, to the contrary. I have met SO many people at bonfires and backyard parties in November and December, post-holiday bitchfests in January, kite-flying on Lake Harriet in February, snow-tubing in March. But online is a different story. The guys on that website where and are actually at least half decent. Stay totally away from the craigslists dating though no friendly faces there just prostitutes.

Glad the baseball player got out when he still could. If you want to party and remain unknown stay in minneap. There is nothing funny, witty, quirky, and especially nothing original about your myopic viewpoint on relationships.

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Plus, you trying to disguise your need to be felt sorry for as entertainment makes this even more sad. Obviously it will seem like every single person sucks if you keep telling yourself that. And whatever clever, passive aggressive response you come up with, if any, will likely only prove this.

Even if you were right about every person on earth being so awful at dating, why are you complaining about it to this extent? I have never read quite so much that made just as much sense, even if it is served with a side of cynicism.

Do you really think you can generalize about an entire state? Give me a break. I agree with many of your points! I implore the NYTimes writer to come back and do it again.! In January. Happy to have found your blog. I suggest you receive some Acupuncture here in Minneapolis to chill the fuck out.

Cool people here actually do eat them! It seems a bit like a waste of time and bad karma to say these awful things about such a great place.

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This writer clearly has some issues, better to take them up with your therapist, wine, or girlfriends. Instead of trying to inform the general public that this great place sucks. Use you writing power to change the world to be a better place, not diss what you have issues with.

It was 10x harder to meet a girl.

First of all all the hot ones are taken, 2nd I had just a couple friends, older and In families now so I only met girls through jobs I took tending bar. Never customers. Just coworkers funny thing the few single girls I was real into ended up making out with total d bags.

Then hooking up out of guilt etc. It was pretty awful. You also left out the DUI culture. Good post.

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