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And I lived together with three Malaysian women during college. I dated two none of the two I lived with and one of my closest friends is a traditional Malay girl. God knows why, but we had hundreds of them on our campus. I have enough experience to know that dating these women is different. Let me show you what I learned from living with them, dating them, and from two unforgettable trips to the capital of this fascinating country. Okay, I have to be honest. I dated a Chinese girl and an Indian girl and I failed miserably with a Malay girl.

She and possibly you can be caned in Kelantan for violating Sharia, as the religious clerics of Kelantan interpret it. Malaysia is a great place otherwise.

The religious police will arrest Malays if they are in a hotel room with someone of the opposite sex and are not married to each other. Singapore is another answer to that, where nobody cares. I recommend that if you meet a Malay, that you do it in Singapore where she is free. That was the suggestion of the first Malay girl I dated, and it worked fine.

The second Malay girl I dated was a grad student in the US. She loved sex, wine, and bacon. I asked if her mother knew she ate bacon, and she said her mother would kill her twice if she knew she did.

She had no intention of living in Malaysia ever again. Neither of these girls is a typical Malay. I have also dated a Singaporean Malay, a nurse, but they are very different than their Malaysian counterparts. She had a car and drove me around too, which is a nice role switch. She ended up marrying a white European man who lives in KL. They look so happy together. They are much more open to being approached and easy going. They had clearly been well briefed on our relationship.

The mom and sister treated me like we had grown up together, just like family. I probably would have ended up marrying this one if she had not taken a promotion in Auckland.

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The only problem with Malaysian Chinese girls is that they are hard to find for Americans probably easier for Aussies and lucky you if you go to college with some. They are not poor and therefore not looking for a foreign husband to increase her standard of living.

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They are legally discriminated against in Malaysia, so a lot do attend universities in other countries and would be comfortable living somewhere else. I find they are sweet, funny, often very intelligent, independent, and great in bed. They are feminine, but an equal partner, not a dependent. They are like the best of East and West. My ideal wife material. If you find such a Malaysian Chinese girl, marry her! This article is funny. I like your style of writing.

I find it romantic as well if I can find the right guy regardless of race. Good luck. Hi, Thank you for sharing your experience, well I have been living in Malaysia for almost 2 years, I have dated many Malaysian girls from the three different races, personally I am more into Malay or Indian who tend to be more social and easy going, Chinese girls on the other hand are usually shy and kinda cold especially for a west European guy.

Hi and good day. As a local, I would like to share something that I think may be helpful to the community here. I would like to remind you to also consider the state that the girl was born in or grew up in. Best of endeavours to all. PS I accidentally ended up here just by googling for a local girl band. I lived in Malaysia for 8 years, and I agree a lot with the analysis here. Malay girls are very hot and beautiful and can appear very liberal.

However, if you decide to marry you have to convert and I have seen on at least 2 occasions the wife goes from being liberal to being v traditional after marriage. They guy has to adapt, so be aware of this! Like one girl says, if you get lucky you can end up marrying royalty or dating someone high on the ladder.

In my experience, chinese were the best match. Hard working, enjoyed beer and more westernised. But hey, it just depends. Their culture is full of bad habits, and their food is super sweet and unhealthy.

Chinese girls age much better because Chinese people obsess about health and take exercise seriously. Malaysia is effectively two countries because of the unequal laws, and foreigners would be amazed how much Malay and Chinese culture can vary.

Think about the difference between Taiwan and Indonesia! Hey Mawar, I can always only tell from my own experience. Everything else would be wrong. And good luck with the German guy! But who knows what they do in private, ayte? And I would like to point out that most of themalaysian parents are okay with their children having a relationship with foreigners, or westerners, but of course, no sex before marriage. But really, we dont get jailed for being lovey dovey in public at least, I never heard of it nor did it ever happenwe just respect the law and culture.

And oh, I live in Selangor. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. However, there are many newspaper articles and stories about this issue. I believe there r lot of Malaysian Malay girl wanting to date a white guy. Hi Anna I had a positive experience in your country. I had a very nice Malay girlfriend from Penang. Malay girls are wonderful. You must respect the culture there.

I am from NZ. I really like Malay girls. Much respect to you culture.

Malaysian Women: The Best Treasure South Asia Can Suggest You

I spent time in KL and other places it was awesome there. Liked your reply to this article. Very positive. All best from. Ants Lower Hurt, NZ. Did you find find that Malay girl were more jealous than girls from other countries? Hi there. I stumbled on your article and thought it was interesting. And neither do some of my Muslim and Chinese friends. It all depends on how we were raised.

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Quite an interesting research you made there. But on behalf of other malaysian women, you know Malaysia is a multiple country with lots of native too.

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We are not malay, yes we are lokal. We live in and obey malaysian law, but we are not raised in muslim law. You are kind of missing that. I also said that only Malays are Muslims. Which ethnic group do you belong to? I believe she is trying to convey that there is another, quite significant, ethnic group in the Eastern Malaysian region, known as Borneo. For a better understanding, native Malaysians are somewhat similar to how America has the native Americans, such as Cherokee and Apache.

Because this make traditional foreign men are aggrieved and they will be say white caucasian men always take our Asian women. I am a Malaysian Chinese guy as well.

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There are plenty of fishes in the sea for you to pursue. Literally, you can date any kind of women you desire, regardless of their race. Rather than limiting yourself to date only Chinese women, you can always expand your horizon and date women from different cultures, races, and nationalities Caucasian, Latina, Afrikan, Japanese, Korean, Indian, European, etc.

Hey Jesse, thanks a lot for your encouraging words.

10 Types of Malaysian Girlfriends

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Jan 05,   Right or not. Some Malaysian Chinese girls can make you wait for eight months before they invite you to their houses, so you just need to be patient and show you are sincere and genuine. Building trust is the prerequisite of dating Malaysian Chinese ladies. If you are invited to your Chinese Malaysian girlfriend's house, it's a big deal. Make use of translation services to communicate fluently with your potential Malaysian bride. 5 Tips on Dating a Malaysian Girl. Dating Malaysian girls is an entirely different ball game from dating women from the west. Foreign men find it difficult to understand Malaysian girls in the early stages. Malaysian Dating Welcome to LoveHabibi - the Web's favorite place for Malaysian dating worldwide. Whether you're new to this or finding out about LoveHabibi for the first time, signup free today and connect with other people from Malaysia looking for free online dating and find your very own LoveHabibi.

How do I know that? Malaysian Online Dating: Asian Dating vs. Malaysian Cupid. Traditional Malay girls Chinese girls Indian girls. She cried the whole day. It was so different that it creeped me out a bit. Whenever her parents called, she talked about me as if I was her husband. Whenever we were in private, she was talking like a waterfall. Whenever we were in public, she was quite like a church mouse.

In the end, the key goal of dating the girl from Malaysia is to find a reliable and loving partner - this is the initial idea of your search. We encourage you to find out the best fitting Malaysian ladies who are going to accompany you through the entire lifetime, or for just a couple of days. Waplog is the best social network to meet new people. If you are seeking for new friendship, relationship and love, Waplog is the best online dating site to flirt and date and the best platform to friend a friend. You can share photos, chat with new people, meet girls, meet boys, find girlfriend and find boyfriend. Jan 26,   Malaysian girls are not the most sought after class of Asian women in international dating. In fact, Kuala Lumpur (KL) is not a hot spot compared to other Southeast Asian destinations such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, and ektaparksville.comr, a closer look at Malaysian girls in Kuala Lumpur reveals an untapped opportunity for men who are looking for relationships with Asian women.

But why not take the easy road? You just won the lottery. You plan to travel to Kuala Lumpur.

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Yes, these babies. Here are a few things you can do when you visit this mall:. Chat with your waitress. Ask the girl at the information desk for help AND for her phone number.

Malaysian girl dating

This place is insane. I really liked this place and the sexy party girls you can meet there.

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And I usually hate clubs. Malaysian Cupid I admit it. What about the Zouk nightclub? You are right. Asian Dating. Which one should you choose? In fact, most girls who replied to my message were Chineseand pretty hot.

FREE Malaysian Girls Online Dating Site. Get to know s of Beautiful & Attractive Malaysian Girls & Malaysian Women Today. Free dating site, friendship and social discovery. Meet girls in Malaysia online now. 8 Tips on Dating a Malaysian Girl Dating a Malaysian girl is not a very complicated task in comparison to other Islamic countries. Here, women have more rights and permissions. Plus, do not forget that your Malaysian bride might appear not to be a Muslim. Here are some tips for you: Malaysian women got used to caring for men.

If you want to meet Chinese girls, you should stick to Malaysian Cupid. One of them even lived with me for a couple of day.

Did I run into any trouble? No, because I respected the Malaysian dating culture.

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Jesus, this is a Muslim country! You are in a Muslim country with a traditional dating culture. This leads to this weird fact:. Maybe it does. Let me explain Getting a date in Malaysia is easy, especially when you chat with girls online.

The Malay girls are curious but they know that their parents would kill them if they found out. The Chinese girls are smart enough to realize that marrying a Muslim guy is the same as going to prison. What does that mean for you? If you are a Muslim, you might want to marry a Malay girl. If you are a Western man, you might want to marry one of the Chinese girls. If you are insane, you might want to marry one of the Indian girls after the first date.

Online Dating in Malaysia

No matter how you choose, you need to be prepared. Good luck with that. Simple yesha Loving man and caring person alleyah rose. Singlemami but ready to fall in love again. A simple asian woman len Blessed shireenth. Live laugh and love keycee Always be yourself. No one can ever tell you youre doing it wrong. Good smile. Long term relationship janiie.

Always Pray and never give up mergy. Looking for a serious relationship sweetypie. Life is great lira perez. Coffee tea or me? Oh is it me are u looking for? Let's know each other Just me!!! Holla Daisy Dahlia.

Single pinay looking for a longer relationship ellise kim. Everyone deserves respect. Be kind to one another! Filipina, simple girl in Kuala Lumpur, just looking around, and see where i Searching for someone serious! Life is too short. God will make a way. I trust Him always. I am sweet ambitious and thoughtful Janet Distance yourself from the people who bring out the stress in you.

Amy Obar Planco. Simple person tina Looking for you!! Cutie and Smarty Abelll. Lokin 4 serious relationship wt a tall african 4 those who r nt serious plz d New friends here nadia wong. We will never know unless we interact Just a small town girlLiving in a lonely world. God loves me edsyshie. No Games No Fake pls Jlhyne. Searching for? Looking for a loyal and responsible life partner saibika.

Nice attitude chel marjorie. Feminine and funny : kikaycakes. Someone who can join with me Leenet Contentment is happiness! Pretty ashley ashleymaniquiz.

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