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Email address:. When you are dating a man in Pisces, you need to concentrate on what you two have and not the past or the future. If you are focused, he will give you all of his love and attention. The Pisces man is usually good looking, generous and helpful. He will go the extra mile to help those in need. As a mutable Water sign , he can easily adapt to new situations and he is understandable with others.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. We have been exclusively been dating for a little over 3 years, and have never had an argument.

That is exactly what we've done and continue to do. We built a friendship before we became intimate. I say all this to say - I'm not convinced the astrologers are right Some things line up and some don't! I wish you all happiness no matter who you are with!!! I am a Pisces female with a Leo male. This article was so accurate that I made him read it.

We have been together for 3 years so far and the love is inevitable! We are definitely opposites but in a way we are the same! There is a healthy balance between us two! The relationship has been great from our meeting each other but we did go through a rough patch with figuring each other out in our first year of being together.

Once we got past learning each other and our love languages. The relationship has had such an unforced flow to it. Our relationship is not perfect no because we are imperfect people.

Love and Marriage Between Pisces Woman and Leo Man

Our parenting with each other is amazing! This Leo man is my night in shining amour!

May 23,   Leo the lover will sweep Pisces the seductress right off her feet. The Leo male will be very romantic and extremely attentive. His Pisces lady will appreciate this because she thrives off of acts of love. Protection is big on a Leo's list. Pisces women enjoy being protected and cared for. Beware, because the Leo male can become jealous. Don't Reviews: Mar 13,   If a Leo woman is to seriously consider a relationship with a Pisces man, she will need to see his peculiar type of strength. If she does, she will begin to respect him, which will make a relationship possible. Dating Compatibility: 25/ Pisces man, Leo woman: Sexual compatibility. There is not much natural chemistry between a Pisces man and Author: Cynthia Thinnes. Jan 22,   A Leo is more yang and a Pisces is more yin. Think of Leo as the sun in the sky and Pisces as a moon to cater to its energy. Leo may enjoy being with Pisces, as opposed to dating someone in the same element, because a relationship with two fire signs can feel like you are both trying to pull the wagon, but in different directions or for Reviews:

I say if you are a Pisces woman and you run into a Leo, give it a shot! I am married to a Leo woman.

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The relationship did not work for the past 20 years. It won't work for the next twenty as well. We are two different people under one roof bound by a mortgage and two kids. So, based on my experience, Pisces and Leo is a match made in hell. It just won't work. If you have to keep accommodating the other both parties it is not worth doing it for your entire life. Know that you have your limitations in understanding the other.

congratulate, the excellent

Yes, you understand and want to accomodate. But, Pisces, why are you getting pushed out of your comfort zone all the time?

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Why is it so difficult for Leo to understand the Pisces. Again, it is a match made in hell. Don't go for it. This is so us, i looked it up cuz courtney at delivery said leos n pisces arent compatible. When i was in my mid 20s i dated a leo woman in her early 20s When it was good it was really good We truly seem to compliment each other and want the same things.

It has developed rather quickly, but i think this will last for a lifetime to come. Im dating a leo right now for 3 months now and it's been wonderful. We work through things and talk openly and have a very healthy sex life. We love and care for eachother and i am so happy for this relationship and wouldnt give it up for anything pisces me leo her. I'm currently talking with to a leo and am wondering as the pieces what's the best way to approach this? Taking any tips.

valuable idea

I hurt him at 17, he hurt me at Took 10 years to get over it and now at 40 we are back together. Finally we can understand each other and accept our love is not going away and never has. Funny how this wonderful man brought up the hurt I caused him at 17 like it was just yesterday. He never knew he hurt me deeply at 30 because I was too proud to let him see it. Taking fear out of the equation of our relationship allowing Leo woman show the Pisces man her inner depths of soul connection love she truly feels for him.

In his later years he has also gained insight into himself knowing what he needs and desires. My moon is in Pisces and my sun is in Leo. His moon is in Pisces and his sun is in Aries. I think this is why our love affair has been on and off for 25 years This Leo will never not feel for her Pisces man on a soul love depth of connection. My whole world collapsed! Well, my friend, I'll call him Ron, we had reconnected through Facebook and he had sent me a meme and I was like I'm really not in the mood right now.

He asked what was wrong and i told him what had happened. He told me that i didn't lose anyone or anything that my current ex boyfriend did because he lost someone who loved and cared for him very much.

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And also that God had removed him from my life to make way for better things to come. I said you know that makes sense! So anyway, Ron came and picked me up that night and we grilled out at his house, he works 2nd and a 3rd shift, we talked about old times, laughed about alot of things we each had forgotten about.

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Talked about our friends, both who are still present and those who have past away. We have been seeing each other ever since and i couldn't be happier! He is an Introvert though but he will go to a few places with me.

In all the years I've known him I've never heard a harsh word come out of his mouth. I pray this will be the last relationship I'm ever in. If it's not we will remain friends. I went out with a picses woman fir 11years and that was my best relationship ive ever had.


Im a leo man. Were still seeing each other as the best of friends. My long distance partner f is a pisces and I'm a leo nbi keep seeing articles related to pisces women and leo men but what about leo enbies?

Leo dating pisces

I made my confession and he says he does not have feelings for anyone right now. I love him alot. We still are good friends. What should i do? Thank you i have a bf that is pieces i hope our relation ship is long when we have a family we are very different but will work it out thank you. I'm a leo women and my best friend she is a cancer and my other best friend he is a Pisces. And they are a couple and I'm the third wheel because I turned down on him do you think it's best if I just find someone else because it seems like they are a great match.

My dad is a Leo and my mom is a Pisces. I am Pisces and thinking about dating a Leo man. I find him to be soft, as one gentleman complained about. He does have confidence issues, and there is good reason behind them, but I am eager to stroke his ego.

As we have gotten right to the point about sexual preferences, I think that my passiveness and understanding is perfect for his bold and fearless personality. I feel that once we truly get to know each other better and work out our differences, we could and will?

To the Author: You couldn't have hit the nail on the head any straighter, this assessment is directly on point. I'm a Leo and my wife is the Pisces While the struggle has sometimes been rough, there have, is, and will continue to be smoother paths.

With the total and complete differences you noted between the signs alone we add yet another major difference, which is that we're from two totally different cultures, which comes with it's own differences. We married 31 years ago when I was the ripe young age of 19, still married today and looking forward to the next 31 years.

I am a Pisces and my fiance is a leo I love her so much but she said she wants some time and she wanted to enjoy life by staying single I've never in my life loved as much as I love my Leo. I am pieces and our comparability as well as our compatibility are unbelievably good together. I think I am happy with how you have tried to demonstrate the leo and pisces relationship. I am a Leo woman my man is pisces. Is like your study was concentrated on us. Thank you. All this warm, generous hippy shit isn't really the Leo type.

We do get warm and generous when we're happy and treated well but our base nature is the above. It is a powerful, aggressive, fierce, dominant, temperamental LION.

And when lions are threatened, they don't sulk of pout, they roar and attack. So again Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.

Andrea Lawrence more. Let's dig a little deeper into the joys and challenges that this pairing faces. Are Leo and Pisces Sexually Compatible? Can Leo and Pisces Learn to Communicate?

How to Make a Leo-Pisces Relationship Work These two can help foster the warmth that they've always craved in a relationship, but it will take some effort. Set and Maintain Boundaries Leos need help setting up boundaries and actually maintaining them.

Give What You Get Pisces likes to provide affection and Leo loves to have that affection lavished on them. Respect Your Partner's Differences For example, Leo wants to live a big life, a joyful life, a life of adventure, so Pisces will need to show they can live up to these standards. Foster Open Communication Leo and Pisces need to communicate openly about their expectations of love. Shared Leo-Pisces Traits For all their differences, these signs have a few key traits in common.

Among other things, Leos and Pisces share a mutual optimism and a desire to see the best in others. What Are the Characteristics of a Leo? Bold and Bright. Leo is the sunshine, the heat of summer.

They are bright and bold, and they love to have their ego stroked. You often can tell someone is a Leo before they even start talking. They are noticeable leaders and enjoy being movers and shakers in the spotlight.

Big-Hearted: Leo wants to bring about the warmth of the world; they want to win your affections, and they are loving and protective. They love making you laugh, think, and feel. I love the warmth of Leos and how much they care about the people who are in their pack. Leo wants it all-a true give-and-take relationship where love is lavished on both partners.

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Attention-Seeking: Leo does not like it when its affection is taken away from them. If they are not being loved enough, they get pouty or confused. They are quite easy to read when in love because they wear their heart openly, and it's plain to see that it upsets Leo if their partners give too little in the relationship.

Confident: Leo will peacock. They like to chase and have someone's affection. Remember sweet, gentle Pisces-you must be tender with your Leo's ego. They hold their ego dearly, and it can hurt them quite sharply if you criticize them too bluntly or often.

Leo will appreciate if you think before you speak. Extroverted: Leo is a social magnet and feels comfortable in a crowd. Loyal: Leo will honor you with loyalty and will do anything and everything to make sure you are okay. What Are the Characteristics of a Pisces? Extremely Giving: Pisces love to give and give and give. Pisces would sacrifice itself for its Leo-or for any cause it finds worthy.

They want to make sure people feel loved, but they need to remember that they deserve attention too. Ultimately, they want to grow with someone, but becuase they can be easy to take advantage of, Pisces need a partner who is full of grace and mercy.

How Pisces and Leo Are Compatable

Compassionate and Kind: Pisces are always ready to help those around them, especially those they care deeply about. Their sensitivity and selflessness is truly remarkable. Loving: Pisces are excellent at understanding unconditional love, and their mission is to express that unconditional love.

It's not an easy route, and many Pisces can have a hard time with their mission and where they are headed. Passive: Pisces need to step up and make sure that they speak openly about their feelings.

It can be easy for Pisces to get sucked into toxic relationships and let themselves be walked all over. Pisces need to make a pact with themselves to avoid unhealthy relationships and stand up for themselves. Intuitive: Pisces use their intuition to guide many cts of their lives, including their relationships. They are soulful signs and can see beyond the ego. Idealistic and Dreamy: Pisces are known for their boundless imaginations. They lead rich inner lives and are often torn between fantasy and reality.

In fact, the sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposites directions-a visual representation of Pisces' struggle between fantasy and reality. Easily Overwhelmed: This sign is incredibly in touch with their own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. This can easily lead to emotional overload, which can be hard on Pisces and those around them. Once they overcome their differences, their bond is crazy solid. On the other hand, she will never respect a man who seems weak in her eyes or who she can dominate too easily.

Like all Fire Signs, she tends to make snap judgments and has a hard time seeing nuances. It will be hard for a Pisces man and Leo woman to get together.

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There is often a quiet strength to a Pisces man, but it will be hard for a Leo woman to see that in him. Because of that, she may very well look down on him.

Pisces men are often artistic in some way, and that may be what catches her attention. This will be particularly the case if he is an actor or a comedian. A Leo woman has an excellent sense of humor and enjoys people who make her laugh. If they do get together, they will still have a hard time understanding each other. More precisely, she will have a hard time understanding him.

There is a fluidity to a Pisces man that makes it easy for him to understand other people, even people who are very different from himself. This is why Pisces men often make very good actors.

A Leo woman, on the other hand, has a very cut and dry view of the world, which makes it hard for her to accept what she does not understand. If a Leo woman is to seriously consider a relationship with a Pisces man, she will need to see his peculiar type of strength. If she does, she will begin to respect him, which will make a relationship possible. There is not much natural chemistry between a Pisces man and Leo woman. Despite this, they will enjoy sex together, at least at first.

A Pisces man is a tender lover, but he does have a sense of the drama and romance which will make a Leo woman happy. Likewise, he will be pleased with her passion and energy.

As time goes on, though, they will both start to realize that something is missing. He will want a deeper emotional connection in the bedroom, and she will want more heat. For the relationship between a Pisces man and Leo woman to last long enough for them to marry, she will have had to have seen his unique strength.

This will cause her to respect him, and it will go a long way towards them being able to manage as a married couple. They will still face a lot of challenges, though. The things that are so important for a Leo woman, such as praise, fame, and respect, matter little to a Pisces man.

Furthermore, his response to stress and pressure will completely baffle her. A Pisces man tends to retreat when things get difficult. Pisces have a reputation for escapist tendencies, and it is true that these tendencies can sometimes manifest in problems such as addictions. It will be hard for a Leo woman to understand and accept this about him. It will take a lot of communication and compromise for them to work through these difficulties.

He is devoted to his family, though, and she is steadfast and loyal. These traits will help them to manage if they choose. Their ability to co-parent will also depend on whether they are able to learn to communicate in spite of their differences.

If so, they can balance each other really well. A Leo mother will be energetic and fun. She will also be able to provide structure and discipline for the children.

On the other hand, she will have a hard time understanding their emotions, especially if they are more sensitive. A Pisces man will have some trouble with the practical cts of parenting, but he will be very understanding and nurturing.

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It will be extremely difficult for a Pisces man and Leo woman to work together. They operate in very different worlds. He operates in the world of visions and she operates in the world of competition and physicality. They will do much better if they are together on a team with other people, particularly if someone else is the team leader. An outside team leader will be better able to bring out the gifts and talents of both of them in a harmonious way.

There is the potential for volatility in the relationship between a Pisces man and Leo woman. This volatility will be rather one-sided, however. The problem will be that he will not live up to her idea of what a man should be. There are many ways to be masculine, and not all of them involve being tough, but it will be very hard a Leo woman to see that. Leo, like all Fire Signs, tends to see the world in a cut and dry fashion. The typical response of a Pisces man to her frustration will be to wander off emotionally and psychically.

Leo is a natural leader and in a relationship with Pisces often becomes - of their weaker partner. Pisces, in turn, gives Leo the audience they need for their ambitions and social performances. Pisces is a Sign that, like Water, fills whatever container it is poured into. Pisces tends to give themselves over to their love match; a. Leo and Pisces can sometimes be a difficult match to make work, though it has a lot of potential. The low scores represent the initial compatibility of this match. However, if you can both adapt to the others style this is a relationship which will improve steadily over time, and eventually rival any other match. Leo's openness and directness will make Pisces feel ashamed and rushed, and their sex life could be delayed indefinitely until Pisces partner feels secure enough to get naked. Because of differences in their approach to sex, Leo will in most cases seem like an insensitive brute, unless Pisces start understanding their emotional depth even.

He is not very attached to the physical world anyway, so this type of pressure will make it harder for him to stay grounded. If they are to get beyond this, it will take a lot of communication and understanding.

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