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K-Pop idols are popular worldwide and always busy with their own schedules in South Korea as well as overseas. As human beings, they also want to feel love from the opposite gender without worrying about their race or ethnicity etc. While some of the idols confirm that they are dating or married, some of them are secretly in relationships. Most of the foreign partner that K-Pop Idols date are also from entertainment industries. Here are 15 K-Pop Idols who dating foreigners.

Unfortunately, the couple divorced in after 10 years of marriage. There are was official statement from both parties, but since Dispatch revealed it then it must be true.

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They had a baby boy named, Jude Malcolm Yeun. Love on an airplane! Comedian Jung Joon-ha was captivated by the beauty of a flight attendant, Nina Yagi.

Reality Check: Fans and Idols Dating

They exchanged email addresses, which lead to marriage in From their marriage, they had an adorable baby boy, Ro Ha, in They met on a Chinese drama set where they played a married couple. They are one of noona-dongsaeng couples, like the popular couple Jung Suk-won and Baek Ji-young. Some of insiders said that they have already broken up. Home Entertainment Contact Us. Must Read. K-pop is marketed on fantasyfurther than just the alien, vampire and werewolf concepts, where fans are encouraged to create a emotional connection with artists, seeing them as their everything.

As there is no written contract between fans and the musician not to date. Yet, does it make those that do not wish to participate in this different? Facing fans with indifference may seem rude and immature in the context of the idol industry; however, it is a very much needed response to these ridiculous attitudes. So, why can Hong-ki get away with it without a massive dip to his popularity, while other idols would not? Lee Hong-ki has built himself an image quite different from the ordinary idol, especially if his nail art obsessed rocker image is anything to go by.

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He has always been known to have a bit of a 4D personality, taking boundaries as just a drop in the ocean. You know what? He says it worked too.

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Apparently, fans are now telling him to date, instead of sitting at home hugging his Anna from Frozen pillow. He seems very much in charge of his own image and what he says.

It is no wonder that he and Hong-ki are friends.

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Nobody even knew about it. Lee Ji Ah met him through a concert and they grew closer back inbefore they married quietly and moved to Atlanta then Arizona in the US. They separated in and she filed for alimony, she filed a 5. The news were leaked through this lawsuit. The settlement money amount was never revealed because it was a non-disclosure agreement. As a result of the shocking news, the couple ended their relationship. Both parties were heavily criticized.

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They were both flustered since the news was leaked without their knowledge. Lee Ji Ah later opened up about the experience and talked about how difficult it was for her to endure the stress when it was all revealed to the public. She was married to the biggest Kpop star of all time and naturally people had interest in their relationship that was kept a secret for so long. Their dating news was huge and caused immense backlash from Korean fans. The one who took the biggest blow was Hyojong.

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Fans had long suspected the two were dating due to the way they treated each other during their promotions with Triple H.

It all started when a report back in August of claimed the two were dating. At first, Cube Entertainment immediately denied the news stating the two have a close sunbae-hoobae relationship. Back then, Pentagon popularity had risen and one of their comebacks performed extremely well on Korean charts, Hyojong was one of the most popular members of his group.

Hyojong and HyunA told a news outlet that they would feel more comfortable being open to their fans and would love to stand confidently on stage.

What happened next was a drama on its own. Cube Entertainment started with cutting Triple H activities completely after the dating confirmation.

Kpop idols dating fans

Their stock price immediately plummeted. Later, they Backpedalled and released a statement contradicting themselves. The withdrawal has not been decided yet.

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As months went by, Cube Entertainment announced that Hyojong left the agency and his group and HyunA did as well. The dating news severely affected Pentagon as well. The biggest victim of this entire drama was Hyojong who trained hard to become a part of Pentagon but was later kicked out due to the manner in which he and his girlfriend announced their relationship plus how fans reacted to it. I dont know why the fans in korea are so possesive with their Idols.

What if Henry goes on a school date with you? ENG SUB dingo kdrama

Its feels like suffocating. Why they just accept it and leave them alone. They have their free will to love and be love by someone. I dont understand these kind of attitude.

Sep 12, Today, we shall be taking a look at some of the most awful cases of Kpop idols who paid a heavy price for simply confirming they were dating. [Note 1: the below couples also received support from many Korean and international fans, but we're highlighting couples who were heavily and negatively affected by their dating news.

No offense. I feel so pity for these Idols. Because of their crazy fans. Fans should not be so possessive about their idols.

They should love them of who they are. Of all people, fans should be the first to understand their idols.

Apr 21, FT Island's Lee Hong-ki got into some strife on April 12 when dating rumors surfaced about him and the Japanese model Ai his company, FNC Entertainment, quickly leaped to deny rumors stating that the two were just friends, Hong-ki took to twitter to address the matter further. He replied to a 'fan's' comment that condemned the possible relationship with a message that. 9. Guckkasten's Ha Hyun Woo & Heo Young Ji (former KARA member) When Heo Young Ji and Ha Hyun Woo appeared as panelists on the show Shadow Singer, some fans sensed there was something romantic going on behind the ektaparksville.comgh this couple is 13 years apart, they seem to be very close! Nov 19, Generally, international fans tend to be more understanding and supportive than most South Korean fans when it comes to idols dating. And it must be perplexing for them sometimes to see the extreme backlash some idols face when countless new celebrity couples of other countries seem to pop up in the news headlines almost every day.

Kpop and kceleb fans are cancerous and toxic and borderline creepy. Ok not all fans are like that but most. I mean if youre a true fan you should be happy for them. I was pretty sad and angry that Baekhyun and Taeyeon broke up in It was so frustrating and rage-inducing not being able to do anything back then when fans reacted negatively to their relationship.

I am okay now and happy with Baekhyuna and Taeyeon having almost the same roles in SM: a Leader Baekhyun might be the leader of SuperM and an overwhelming voice.

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