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After being affected by the full moon that caused her powers to go freaky, Rikki escapes to Mako Island and sets the place on fire. Zane goes there to find the "sea monster" and notices the fire. Zane finds Rikki and she kisses him, causing him to pass out from dehydration. After Rikki returns to normal, Zane tells her about the kiss, but she tells him to forget about it. Rikki goes to a hotel for a conference and encounters Zane there. They go to a hotel balcony and get trapped there. Rikki and Zane tell to each other about their struggles with their families.

Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. H2O: Just Add Water - Rate This. Season 1 Episode 8. All Episodes Lewis gets a job as lab assistant to the beautiful Dr Denman in an effort to find more answers for the girls, but they're not convinced he can keep their secret.

Director: Colin Budds. Writers: Chris AnastassiadesJonathan M. Shiff creator. Added to Watchlist.

The Denman Affair

Watched in Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Cariba Heine Rikki Claire Holt Emma Phoebe Tonkin Cleo Angus McLaren Lewis Ariu Lang Sio Wilfred Lara Cox Denman Michael Parlato Security Guard Nicole Downs Edit Storyline Lewis gets a job as a lab assistant for Dr. Edit Did You Know? Quotes Emma : Lewis, forget about her for a minute. This is us we're talking about. Do not reveal anything to her, do you understand?

Add the first question. Production Co: Jonathan M. Rikki wants to have it, but it's too expensive. Fed up with Zane's relationship with Rikki, Miriam jealously buys the locket. Rikki finds out and attacks Miriam to get the locket, but Zane stops her.

Rikki gets angry at Zane for standing on Miriam's side. The locket gives the problems to Miriam and she wants to get rid of it. Zane demands Miriam to return the locket and she says that she will give it to him for a kiss. Rikki sees Zane and Miriam kissing. Zane tells Miriam to give the locket, but she throws it to the water. While Emma dives to retrieve it, Zane does the same.

Emma hides and Zane finds the locket. To keep her secret safe, Rikki dries the locket with her power.

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Denman has returned and the girls and Lewis are worried about her research on Mako Island. Zane overhears their conversation and goes to Dr.

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Later, Rikki sees Dr. Denman lying to Zane that there's nothing on Mako Island. Rikki goes to Zane and she tells him that she heard about Dr.

Denman has found something. Zane is confused and is convinced that Dr. Denman knows about "the mermaid".

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When he races off and tells Rikki, she gets angry at him. This is because she believes that Zane is thinking too much about mermaids. This results in Zane leaving and telling her that he doesn't want to see her. Zane tells Rikki that Dr.

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Denman's cameras have discovered the mermaids. When the girls are captured in the Moon PoolZane is shocked to find out that Rikki is a mermaid.

Are Indiana Evans dating Luke Mitchell? or Angus Mclawren? - question and answer in the H2O Just Add Water club. About. Phoebe Tonkin is a 30 year old Australian Actress. Born Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin on 12th July, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, she is famous for Cleo Sertori in H2O: Just Add Water, Fiona Maxwell in Tomorrow, When the War Began, Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle, and Hayley Marshall-Kenner in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals in a career that spans place: Sydney. Aug 25,   Directed by Colin Budds. With Cariba Heine, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin, Angus McLaren. Lewis gets a job as lab assistant to the beautiful Dr Denman in an effort to find more answers for the girls, but they're not convinced he can keep their secret/10(83).

Rikki gets angry at Zane for putting them in big danger and refuses to talk with him. With Lewis' help, Zane rescues the girls. Before the girls find out that they lost their powers for only 12 hours, Rikki and Zane break up, but decide to stay friends.

Rikki is reunited with Zane. She wants to stay away from him.

H2o just add water dating

At the motocross race, Rikki tells Zane that it's over and Zane pretends to have an accident. Rikki runs over to Zane, yelling for help. However, Zane was pretending to be hurt to get her attention. When he 'wakes up' he kisses her. Rikki gets angry, running away and refusing to talk with him.

Later, Rikki finds herself with no choice but to tell Zane that she's still a mermaid when Nate becomes fed up with Zane telling him to wait and sprays the two with water. Zane tells Rikki to run and she jumps into the water. When Zane finds her later at Mako Island, she tells him that she's still a mermaid and they get back together, but they decide to keep it a secret from Cleo and Emma.

Initially, Zane is running late for a date with Rikki, and Rikki playfully gets mad about it. Zane gives Rikki an iPod with a playlist already on it, and when she tries to refuse it, Zane reveals that he engraved it with "shut up and take the gift" so that it couldn't be returned. Zane walks her 'home' and makes it clear that he wants to meet her dad, but she refuses. After Rikki sees him arguing with her dad Zane doesn't know is her dad at the timeshe becomes hostile towards Zane and is really hurt.

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Zane doesn't know why she's acting this way, and he gets really worried. Later, she reveals to him where she really lives and who her dad is, explaining why she was hurt, and saying that Zane now has an excuse to not be interested in her anymore. He joins their hands and causes her to smile, kissing her for a moment before her dad sees them and interrupts.

H2O - just add water S3 E4 - Valentine’s Day (full episode)

Her dad makes Zane leave, but after Zane fixes his bike, the two get on good terms, and Zane and Rikki invite her friends to her house for a cookout. Zane tells Rikki that Harrison's friend's boat has sunk with a Tibetan figure near Mako Island and there's a reward for someone to find it. At first, Rikki refuses to help Zane, but changes her mind when she finds out that her father wants to move away due to losing money.

Despite Lewis' wishes to not trust Zane, Cleo and Emma unaware of the reward agree to help Rikki and Zane find the figure. During the search, Cleo and Emma find out about the reward and refuse to help Rikki and Zane. Rikki finds the figure, but overworks herself and suddenly, the machine gets damaged and the box falls on Rikki's head which knocks her out.

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Zane calls her name a few times really worried. Zane jumps into water and rescues Rikki, but she's hurt.

Cleo Sertori and Lewis McCartney's relationship is one of the relationships in the H2O: Just Add Water series. After Cleo, Emma, and Rikki become mermaids Cleo forgot that came to help Cleo with biology He enters and sees Emma and Rikki with Cleo and asks if he got the time wrong. Cleo confirms that they agreed to 9 o'clock as the time, but tells Lewis that something important has come up, but. Is Rikki Chadwick dating Zane Bennett on H2o just add water? On H20 Rikki Chadwick is dating the character Zane Bennett. For a while they broke but they rekindled there relationship later on. Rikki Chadwick and Zane Bennett's relationship is one of the relationships in the H2O series. After being affected by the full moon that caused her powers to go freaky, Rikki escapes to Mako Island and sets the place on fire. Zane goes there to find the "sea monster" and notices the fire. Zane finds Rikki and she kisses him, causing him to pass out from dehydration. After Rikki returns to.

When Zane brings Rikki up to the surface she's still unconscious and he's holding her. Zane is very worried and scared. While holding her with one arm, he uses his right arm to move her out of her face, screaming Rikki to wake up. Zane calls Cleo, Emma and Lewis for help. After regaining consciousness, Rikki explains that her father wants to move away.

Lewis and Zane retrieve the figure and get the reward, accepting it in Rikki's name, so she can stay. Charlotte has became a mermaid and gained the all mermaid powersbecause of that, Rikki doesn't have a time to stay together with Zane. Following an argument about Charlotte's own preparations for Lewis' birthday party, Rikki leaves the mermaid group and decides to spend time with Zane.

The next day, Zane tells Rikki to not give Charlotte any satisfactions and she can always return to Lewis's birthday party. Rikki decides to return after being called by Ash about Cleo and Emma's disappearance from Lewis' party. Rikki and Zane rescue Cleo and Emma from being discovered as mermaids by Ash. Rikki gets angry at Zane for stealing her idea and Zane tells her that he planned to manage the cafe together as partners.

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Rikki hates Valentine's Day. However, Zane makes a Valentine theme for the cafe which annoys Rikki. Rikki uses her powers to destroy the balloons. At the end of the episode, Rikki apologizes and she says that she wants to spend time with Zane although she hates Valentine's Day.

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Zane turns on some slow music and slow dances with Rikki. Rikki finds out that the cafe is going bankrupt.

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