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The Dating Debate features West and Nina, both of whom are next door neighbors. Nina is dead honest and is a book worm. West is continuously annoyed by Ninas honestly and her ability to constantly turn things into a debate. He really does not know what to make of her. West and Nina are such a funny couple. I love that both of them are book worms.

Not a good thing because you have to pay for it.

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Also, You don't know if it is authentic or not. I prefer meeting someone in person and seeing exactly what I am getting.

Yes it is: Online dating does work for people and it does work exceptionally well for niche groups. By joining websites that have a more specific drive towards partnering up such as "geek2geek" you will find people who have more in common with you which means you already start off better than you had prior. Jan 14,   An argument for internet dating: We have now, in the time of the internet, an inestimably huge number of potential mates, or to put it in the current vernacular, dates. I have a list of fifteen or.

At the same time, If someone can find their soul mate there, Then good for them. Online dating is just a cover where weak people get behin so that they do not need to face their life obstacles such as rejection and breaking up relationship.

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Furthermore, the relation built base on online dating is lack of trust. Will you trust me if i just told you i am friend. Moreover, online dating does not show the real personality, behaviorsand what is really inside the heart.

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It is apparent that on line dating is not always successful as it seems and the only thing that one is going to gain is losing time. Nowadays so many people, especially the youth spend their time collapsing in front of computer or holding mobile phones stiff. However, instead of achievement, they can not only destroy their daily plans but also go astray form the right way that they have already had.

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For instance, the number of children who cannot achieve higher levels in study due to the Internet addiction is increasing and most of them are suffering form different on line dating sites even though these children are not aware of their conditions. I guess the most important reason why you should go out is because you will never develop your dating skills in front of your computer. Even if you have good conversational skills online, it is no guarantee that you are as good in face-to-face conversation.

Shyness, inexperienced, or unskilled is not a reason why you should stick to online dating.


You can never learn and master the mystery method or any dating techniques if you never try them. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll.

Online dating is a good way to meet people and know how they think. When someone is entering the dating world, it is very healthy to talk to people online because it lets you get to know how people think. It involves less heartbreak than real dating, and perhaps the individual will be better prepared for future relationships. Nov 28,   I used to host debate sessions for my group in Mumbai. From that list, I am sharing with you, few vibrant and balanced topics. I hope they are helpful to you 1. Can love be faked? 2. Are our bad spending habits spoiling our families? 3. Would you. Dating and Relationships This is a political forum that is non-biased/non-partisan and treats every persons position on topics equally. This debate forum is not aligned to any political party.

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Should you use online dating? Yes, I do support individuals to pursue on line dating I believe online dating is a sure way of getting to know someone on a more personal bases, simply because you begin to know more about the way people view things from their thoughts and mind process before developing the attachment to the outer attraction of a person the least important thing to pursue a relationship with any one is to know the person heart and mind and thought pattern better figure out if they are the match for you besides going on looks alone Report Post.

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Like Reply. Maximum words. I set up my classroom to have a circle of desks.

The Dating Debate is the first book of The Dating Dilemmas Series, featuring the lovely, sweet, funny and heartwarming story of West and Nina. Nina is a 17 years old girl who loves books, chocolate, her family even though she insists her brother is /5. It's just like speed dating, but the goal is to end with debate, not a date. Prep: There is a small amount of prep that goes into this. First, I created an overview sheet that explained the concept to my students and included a graphic organizer for them to fill out to give them some accountability. Then, I create a slideshow that had 7. And that concludes Round 3 of this Intelligence Squared U.S. debate, where the motion is, "Swipe left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance." I want to say a couple things. One is this was a little bit of a change of pace, this topic for us.

It just made more logistical sense in my classroom. Set up the desks and then divide your class into two groups, one that stays sitting and one that rotates.

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Explain the concept to your kids. Again, I used a simple graphic organizer that I assigned to my kids through Google Classroom.

The Dating Debate

We have gone this year so each student has a Google Chromebook. After that, I gave them 1 minute to briefly record their thoughts on the organizer. Giving them specific time sections for conversing vs.

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I absolutely loved the way this turned out. Some key things I loved:.

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I encourage you to try this in your own classroom! Search for: Search. Date: April 25, Author: creativeteach Prep: There is a small amount of prep that goes into this.

Implementation: I set up my classroom to have a circle of desks. Here is one of my students filling in his graphic organizer through Google Docs Again, I used a simple graphic organizer that I assigned to my kids through Google Classroom.

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