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This is a personality quiz with my favorite video games' Alternate Universe characters in it! There may be more in the future! I'd die for my family, and fight for my friends. You wouldn't know just by looking at me, though. Confront the person about it and beat them up for it. Then do little things to ruin things for them until they apologize.

Yes, yes, yell at me all you want, just answer.

Heya! This is a personality quiz with my favorite video games' Alternate Universe characters in it! This test is currently still in progress, but the possible results are; Undertale Sans Undertale Papyrus Underswap Sans Underswap Papyrus Underfell Sans Underfell Papyrus Inktale Sans Errortale Papyrus That's all the possibilities for now! There may be more in the future! This quiz will tell you which sans au fits you best in a relationship! classic sans, UT sans, US sans, Error sans,and Ink sans! Please enjoy! This is my first quiz! Share quiz. Date with sans? CONFESSIONS OFFLINE. 1. 9. Me: Hey there everyone You wanna date me eh? I mean that's why you clicked on this right? *Yes *I don't know Log in or sign up. Show discussion Popular Same author New.

I don't need friends or family. They are useless, and just hold me back. I love the friends and family I have!

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They can get on my nerves, but that's okay! I love them both!

May 23,   Would ink sans date you? Okay guys I've got ink sans here with me so let's go ahead and proceed shall we? Scp_ published on May 23, responses 29 / /5(42). Mar 17,   Love & Friendship Video Games Sans Sans Dating Simulator Dating Simulator More. Before going past Snowdin to Waterfall, you visited Papyrus and flirted with him. He then invited you over to his house and had a date with you. You felt some mixed feelings regarding the date but after being friendzoned, you realized that there's still someone you. Jun 14,   Undertale Dating Sim (Sans Edition) So the Dere Dating Sims have gotten popular. Well, how do you feel about dating Undertale characters? Sorry it's so short. Does Bendy love u quiz? 15 responses 2 by InkLion. personality quiz. Would I date you? (44) 23 responses 2 by ektaparksville.comy/5(14).

Friends and family, that is! And I'm always willing to make more!

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I'm more of an introvert, the friends I have, I like. But I'm not fond of making more.

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If you had to chose one instrument or group of instruments, what would you chose? Torture, of any kind. I might as well have fun.

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Me: Oh, well then Hm, I'm not sure. It depends on who it is I'm fighting. Or the situation.

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Role Play time!! What do you do?

Have a mock therapy session with my friend and their ex. The ex has their reasons too!

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My turn! Well the only one is error Me: true Your turn ink!

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Ink: okay do you like cats? I truly do they're adorable! I love them Ink: I do too!

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They're okay! Okay if you had a choice to paint or go outside what would it be?

Undertale Dating Sim!

Ink: nice question rocky Thx :'3 Paint. Go outside.

true answer YES

Well well well ink guess what? Ink: what? You get to rp with the quiz taker!

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Okay Me:. Really rp? Me: shhhh it's precious.

Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Stream Underswap / IF - Dating Sans by LucasPucas (MOVED) from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. Underswap / IF - Dating Sans by LucasPucas (MOVED) published on TZ. I'm on a Sans kick. Special thanks to Jimmy the Bassist for providing the base flp that made this possible. When chara and sans pranked I said NONONONONO and then cried and was shy the rest of the time lol Goldenflame 66 days ago.

You were walking around and you see ink sans crying so you walked up to him and asked what was wrong once he told you how do you react?

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