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We hung out in different groups, but during junior year we were both in a play and we started hanging out. One night at the end of that year, we were driving home from rehearsal, and I asked, 'So, uh, do you want to be my girlfriend? Should we put this on Facebook or something? Then, we ended up breaking up for two years. After graduation, I moved back home, and I went on a handful of first dates, but nothing ever turned into a relationship or even a second date. We got back together when I moved back to the place I attended college. On our first date, his dad dropped us off at the movie theater to see Anger Management and picked us up afterward.

But like ripping off a bandage strip, a clean break causes a lot less heartache than clinging to each other for security or simply out of habit and feeling anguish down the road that will cut through both your hearts like a rusty dagger. Growth and Change. If you think the changes you went through transitioning from your teens to your 20s were big, hold on tight for the upheaval awaiting you in the next decade.

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Before you're 30, many people radically change career paths, religions, and political views, not to mention states or countries of residence, hair styles and colors, eating habits and friends. More than any other time in history, changes will come at you fast and furious. You may be ready for - or even excitedly anticipating - these transformations.

Dating one person

How about your partner? Is he ready to join you on the journey? And what if you each grow in opposite directions in any or all of those categories? Having only one partner, even if you didn't happen to be his first, is special because you've learned each other's turn-ons slowly and lovingly, without pretense or pressure.

But familiarity can easily turn into a series of tried and true rituals you rely on. Not to say you can't be creative through educating yourselves but if you already feel like you're often just going through the motions in the boudoir, image how complacent you'll be 10 years down the road.

Jan 12,   I've always felt that I had better results when pursuing a single partner at a time. When I had staggered dates with three or four different people, it became something of a logistical mess, trying to keep everything straight about all parties in. May 26,   Imagine only tasting one type of fruit your whole life or wearing the same color clothes every day or only experiencing intimacy with one person. He may literally press all the right buttons, be cognizant of your needs, have the passion and charm of Valentino, even enjoy the afterglow of Cassie L Damewood. May 01,   Finding the person you're meant to spend rest of your life with isn't easy for everyone, but sometimes "the one" happens to the very first person you call .

Though you can't actually see the future, you're smart enough to imagine many options you might have. Whether you fancy yourself destined for greatness on stage or screen, imagine helping young minds develop through teaching, or yearn for a high tech career stateside or overseas, is your partner in those mind pictures? Do his personal and career goals mesh with yours or will one of you feel resentful?

Dating a variety of men is the only way you'll know if there's someone who might be better to accompany you on your life adventure. Despite what poets and songwriters tell you, love is not some ethereal force that sneaks into your room while you sleep and burrows into your soul like a deadly tropical worm you can't control.

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As intoxicating and scary as that image is, love only really works if it's tempered with logic, which is why people may warn you against marrying someone 10 or 20 years older or younger than you, or quote statistics about the failure rate of long-distance relationships.

But aside from those two red tags, consider more mundane issues with marrying the one-and-only boyfriend of your life.

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Is he willing to move thousands of miles away from his family if you get a job opportunity you just can't pass up? When it comes to kids, do you two agree on child care i.

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There are hundreds of questions like this that every person has deep convictions about and the one who shares your outlook may still be out there. If you're in your 20s or 30s, you likely still have that youthful glow and boundless energy you think will last forever.

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They won't. Stick with that high school sweetheart too long and, cold as it sounds, you'll start to lose your marketability.

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Of course, you don't want any man so shallow that only your looks and vigor attract him but realize your shelf life and seriously consider dating around while you still have plenty of options.

Imagine yourself 20 or so years down the road with teenagers of your own.

Dating Around? Should You Tell Your Dates or Keep it to Yourself? - by Allana Pratt

They come to you for guidance on dating, relationships, sex it could happen! Since you married a guy you started dating before you were old enough to drive, what good are you for advice?

What It's Like When Your First Relationship Becomes Your Only Relationship

Any way you look at the situation, you'll have a lot of explaining to do. Remember how nervous you were when you first started dating your guy, sure you wouldn't know what to talk about, how to hold hands the right way, how to kiss, how to dress?

When you master those social graces for only one guy, you're stunting the development of your self-confidence. Dating guys from a variety of backgrounds with a vast range of talents and interests not only expands your vision of the world, it makes you realize the meaning of the old phrase, "So many men, so little time," and gives you the confidence to get to know them and appreciate just how many choices are available.

Cassie is very content living 20 minutes from San Francisco, where she's had the same apartment for over 30 years. She is constantly trying to develop conversational skills that don't make people leave the room to keep from slapping her. She's most annoyed by the rampant use of mixed metaphors, mispronounced words, and that the dictionary keeps being edited to accommodate ignorance.

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After graduation, I moved back home, and I went on a handful of first dates, but nothing ever turned into a relationship or even a second date. We got back together when I moved back to the place I attended college. On our first date, his dad dropped us off at the movie theater to see Anger Management and picked us up afterward.

By 10th grade, we were officially dating.

While we were hanging out in the park with a group of kids in seventh grade, he gave me a piggyback ride and I developed a crush on him. During freshman year of high school, he asked me to be his date for homecoming.

During the last slow dance song, which was "I'll be" by Edwin McCain, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I don't feel like I'm settling with Becca.

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I'm not just giving up on dating because I'm lazy. I'm just happy, and I love our time together-which is a pretty clear indicator that our relationship is good. Usually people say, 'Really? He's the only one you dated, and now you're marrying him?

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If I didn't think our relationship was going to work, I would have jumped ship already. Even though were engaged now, my friends are especially vocal about how I missed out on different college experiences because of my boyfriend.

Maybe it's true that I don't know what's out there, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I would think about if they had something that I wanted that Matt didn't have, but I always realized that my relationship had everything I wanted.

If they ask for advice, I'm pretty useless. But I love hearing about their bad dates and online dating stories-even if I have no idea what's happening.

In their view, love represents a total devotion of one person-heart, soul, and body-to another, which implies that you can never love a second person without taking something away from the . Mar 22,   Are you better off dating one person at a time? - If you believe in the work we are doing here at The Good Men Project, please join like-minded individuals in The Good Men Project Premium Community. Jan 04,   Online dating, in theory, is supposed to widen the pool of potentials that singles come in contact with, but for anyone who is dating in the age of apps, seeing more than one person at once is.

I feel like I would be the most awkward person.

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