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Meriden, Connecticut, was the American capital for pewter and silver manufacture in the 19th century. After a period of independent design and production, Meriden was part of a merger that created the International Silver Company. Meriden was home to numerous pewter manufacturers. Meriden Silver joined other small plate companies in the city under the name International Silver Company. Each firm continued to stamp a maker's mark on designs, but the marketing and production was done at the same facility. Meriden Silver Plate is recognized by the maker's mark that incorporates the company's name in a circular design with a lion holding a silver vase.

Meriden Silver joined other small plate companies in the city under the name International Silver Company. Each firm continued to stamp a maker's mark on designs, but the marketing and production was done at the same facility. Meriden Silver Plate is recognized by the maker's mark that incorporates the company's name in a circular design with a lion holding a silver vase.

Items are identified as "made and plated" by the company, or simply "plated. Meriden produced limited-edition silver and silver-plate items.

These are clearly marked by the numbers incised into each piece. The parent company of Meriden is still in operation today and is owned by Syratech Corporation of Massachusetts. International absorbed 14 silver companies including Rogers Brothers, Holmes and Edwards during the s and several original patterns continue to be produced today.

If you do find it useful please feel free to leave a comment. If you use any information here please leave a link to the post for others. CO" above and just below it it has the word "International S.

The upper and lower words have the symbol of a lion holding a challis in a very plain script drawing.

19th Century Meriden Britannia Co. Swan Topped Double Wall Water Pitcher; VICTORIAN SILVER PLATED TILTED COFFEE POT WITH ACCESORIES POSEIDON FINIAL; Antique Meriden B Co Silverplate 6 Pcs. Victorian Coffee Tea Server Set ; 19C Renaissance Revival/Louis XV Revival? Fabulous silverplate serving tureen. A Few Facts (these will be on the test): The Meriden Silver Plate Co. 1. The Meriden Silver Plate Co. Was started in 2. It's factories were in Meriden Connecticut. 3. It helped form the International Silver Company in 4. It is not the same company as the Meriden . Meriden Silver Plate Co. founde became a subsidiary of International Silver Co. in , last mark used until c Meriden, CT USA.

Below the stamp are the numbers Can you. Today I got the same kind bowl I've been told by a dealer to melt it down or give it to Goodwill as it has no value and, more recently, by another source that it has maintained its high sheen because it has 4 layers of plating, was made between and when the Meriden Co merged with others to become the Intn'l Silver Co, and should not be given to Goodwill or melted down, but I still don't know if it has a value.

Who can help? Quadruple anywhere in the mark means plates with 4x the usual thickness of plating. I have a pickle castor marked Meriden B. I have a flower basket that is marked Meriden P Co International Silver - can you tell me is it silver or silver plate?

Not enough info here I have a chafing dish set, with stand, warmer, dish and lid, along with the flame extinguisher. It is stamped on the bottom as "Meriden B company silver soldered 10 in. No dents. It has been used and has plating wear on the inside of the dish, as well was a spot of what appears to be green paint on the handle.

It is also engraved with a stylized "C" on the lid. I really wonder what year this was made and if it has any worth. I am very curioius about this piece. If anyone can be of any assistance, I would be greatly appreciative. I have not been able to find any really useful information about chafing dishes in particular on the internet.

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Thank you. It is plated, but may have some age. I would try mail order companies like Franklin Mint and such. Why don't you know who made the ones you already have?


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Can you please tell me the dates that the MBC over EP with the scales, wheat and thistle, crest and star, crown something I don't know what to call it and a star was used. Thanks, Betty. I have no other information about this cup. I have a ladle that is very heavy simply marked "meridenbrita co" on the back and "ziegler's" on the front handle.

I also have a large spoon that is on the heavy side marked "internationalsiverco" and I S after it with the I and S inclosed in it's own square. I'm familiar with plated silver so I'm wondering could this be german silver or coin silver because it's so heavy? It has a quality feel unlike any of the plated goods I've come across.

I have a 4 piece tea set from my aunt.

Meriden was home to numerous pewter manufacturers. As silver displaced pewter for popular home utensil use, Charles Cr founded the Meriden Silver Plate Company in Meriden in Meriden Silver joined other small plate companies in the city under the name International Silver Company. Each firm continued to stamp a maker's mark on designs. HISTORY AND MARKS The inception of silver plated ware industry dates back to and to the efforts of Rogers brothers who in their little shop at Hartford developed the electro-plating process. But the business finds its origin as early as , with the establishment in Meriden of a small plant for the production of pewter or Britannia ware.

Stamped - Meriden B. Company Scratched next to the is "" I gather this is plate for I do not see any Sterling Stamp. Does it still have a good value?

How much Silver is actually in Silver plated Flatw

I have a Meriden double wall pitcher silver lined dated what do you think it worth. Does anyone know what the stands for? Where can I find more info? Available assistance?

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I have a wicked heavy genie lamp kinda thing. Meriden Silver Plate Co stamped and it is in flawless condition. Hi I have a box that has this logo on it and has a possible serial number According to family history, it was bought in greece or in the general area. Marks read Meriden B.

The firm was active in Meriden, CT with salesrooms at 6 Maiden Lane, New York. The name was changed to Wilcox Silver Plate Co in In was acquired Parker & Cr Co, a specialist in silverplate holloware. Wilcox Silver Plate Co was one of the original companies that became part of International Silver Company in Dating silver plate Holmes stratford silver plated hollowware business was founded in , which the oldest and silver plate cocktail shaker. Two silver, dating silver marks. Clearing up the silver plated bread basket by meriden silver piece. Bid live on antique silverware. Dating christofle silver plate. Welcome to Dating Meriden Silver Plate City Girls! We are Dating Meriden Silver Plate a private club of independent escorts with a high standard of excellence in all that we do. Our VIP Members enjoy sensual entertainment within a veil of safety and discretion unparalleled in the adult world. Our exquisite ladies are well-reviewed, authentic (what you get/

Company, Sillimans Silver Ring, M. Sorry, not sure what happened but my entire post didn't show. Basically i have 2 candlesticks with M B Co on the bottom which looks like the trademark to the Meriden B company as in your 9 point above.

What I am wondering about is there is also a number or maybe L78 - can't really decipher then it states Made and Guaranteed by in caps and then USA.

Where can I doing more about these markings? Thanks for any help you can offer! I also have two 10" candle sticks with same inscription. It is I assume these are heavily silver plates I have a cup marked Meriden, then an area that I can't make out, then the word "company".

Dating meriden silver plate

In the center is a logo that looks like scales. On the outside of the cup is carvings of a polar bear floating on a piece of ice in the water. On the handle is an extra attachment of a head of a man with a beard, mustache and bushy eyebrows and of course with hair on head. Really grabbed my interest because it was really different.

Not sure if it is silver or not, It has turned black but appears to be in very good condition. Would like to know how old it is and if anyone knows, why the polar bears and ice cycles and of course the man on the handle. Just curious.

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If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to advise. Oh yea, it has the number 68 underneath the logo. I have a trophy from the civil war encampment in st Louis Hi there I just purchased a teapot at a garage sale and am curious about it.

Since I live next door to Hamilton I and it is stamped from there I would like a bit of Info if you couldmshare with me.

The stamp on the bottom is the balance scales in a circle then stamped below that is Meriden B Co. Any help would be appreciated.

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Kindest regards Cheryl. I have a large about 15 inches tall double walled pitcher that was apparently made for a wedding in May of Not in good condition, though given the elaborate scroll work it must have been beautiful when it was first made.

Am curious not only about value but about where I might research info about the occasion of its production. I have a teapot, creamer and sugar bowl Hello, I have a six piece cruet by Meridian silver plate Co.

Really Amazing! It is a nice collection of silver and silver plate. If you are searching Sterling Silver Tableware for your kitchen then it is suitable for your kitchen appliances. You can entertain your guests and also produce magical touch to your home decoration. I think this is a standout amongst the most critical data for me.

Dating silver plate

What's more, i'm happy perusing your article. Be that as it may, ought to comment on some broad things, The site style is flawless, the articles is truly awesome : D. Great job, here's to you Garage door repair. I have a cake knife in my possession. I was wondering its worth. Im still not sure if its silver or just plated. Magnets dont stick to it so im gonna go ahead and get it tested. Any ideas on if i should scrap it or sell it as a whole.

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I have a porcupine toothpick holdermarked Meridendouble plate, standing lion mark in center.

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