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Not necessarily an avenger but she is like a daughter to Steve or Tony, that would be lovely! She already got you stuttering? Steve already knew what Bucky was about to ask him, he saw it coming. But, promise me that you will take good care of her, alright? Originally posted by coporolight. Permanent tag list: thecrazyoneshavetakenover rangotangomango a-kiddo-with-a-doggo.

Dating Diego Hargreeves Would Include Part of that may be toxic masculinity but a majority of the fear of fragility stems from his upbringing. Despite his hate for Reginald, he words still haunted him.

Grace is not your mother! So when Diego meets you, he tries his best to ignore you.

bucky barnes masterlist!! dating bucky headcanons. dating bucky headcanons #2. dating bucky headcanons #3. dating 40s bucky headcanons. how bout them apples (fluff, request) - you & bucky spend the afternoon at a farmers market together. dread (angsty fluff, request) - you're kidnapped by hydra and bucky is perhaps the most terrified he's been, well, ever. Dating Bucky would include: You drawing in his metal arm with sharpie. Sparring leading to kissing Steve already planning a wedding Everyone calling you their OTP Natasha threatening Bucky behind. Dating Bucky Would Include Late night conversations about the future the two of you want. Putting aside one day of the week to stay in bed and relax. Bucky being terrified of turning back into.

Sadly, he sees you every few weeks thanks to his. You work with Patch in the police department. Good to see you again. Steal evidence? Punch a suspect? You work so hard, with your lips pursed and brow furrowed. Even Patch looks at him in confusion. Punching walls, punching punching bags, punching anything really. He works out until his legs shake and stays up so late that even his boss starts to worry about him. Diego does everything in his power to distract himself from his thoughts of you.

Coldplay - Trouble

How you smiled at him as he was dragged off the crime scene. He had winked at you, not knowing that he would fall for you. Diego had fallen for you. He calls home and prays Reginald is asleep. He silently hopes that Luther is too far up his own ass to hear the phone ringing. May I ask who is calling?

What do you want to talk about? He talks about your smile. He talks about your eyes. Call again soon, Diego.

Dating Bucky Barnes Dating Bucky. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader. Warnings: SEXUAL THEMES, SMUT, +18, oral sex (femal and male receiving), Requested: Nah. A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for a while so I decided to post it. Request and tag list always open! Let me know what you think! Dating Bucky would. bucky barnes masterlist. dating bucky would include. dating bucky would include #2. dating bucky would include #3. how bout them apples (fluff, request) - you & bucky spend the afternoon at a farmers market together. dread (angsty fluff, request) - you're kidnapped by hydra and bucky is perhaps the most terrified he's been, well, ever. mistletoe (fluff) - bucky finally works up the. DATING JAKE GYLLENHAAL WOULD INCLUDE A/N: Another one of dating series of this request, so sit comfortably, grab a snack and enjoy the reading. Let's start with pet names. I can almost hear him saying:"doll", "love", "gorgeous" He has a peculiar personality; he can be the funniest guy you've ever met, telling good and bad jokes and being the light of the night, or he can.

Instinct takes over and you elbow whoever was trying to grab you. He was leaning over, an arm over his stomach and visibly in pain. Your hand is on his shoulder, warm and inviting as you ramble out more apologies. So Diego swallows his fear and grabs your hands. His plush lips are parted, tongue darting out to wet his lips nervously; his eyes are bright, even in the darkness of night; and you realized you had never seen Diego so skittish before.

The attitude shifts with you both begin to drink. You make him so weak, he feels the need to have alcohol to blame in place of himself if he makes a foolish decision. A silence gather between the two of you and you have to stop yourself from leaning closer to him. Tension is growing between you, nearly suffocating the two of you.

One Friday night, you and Diego arrive at the bar to find it closed while the owners were on vacation. He scratches the back of his neck as he gauges your reaction.

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Your breath hitches and you stare into his warm brown eyes. You plop yourself down on his bed, the only true piece of furniture in the room and wrap yourself in one of the warmer looking sheets. You both sit on his bed in silence, the easy kind though. The silence you had grown to love when it was shared with Diego.

Anything with Diego made your day better. He only stares at you with pure adoration in his eyes. You swallow hard, noting how his eyes have darkened and his lips have part for shallow breaths.

He lets you lean closer to him and press a light kiss to his lips. Your thumb skirts over his cheekbone and you peck his lips again and again Until Diego is pressing back, hands pawing at your waist like a touch-starved animal. His hands are on your waist, not relenting in his hunger for you. When you finally part, Diego is breathless. You nuzzle your nose against his, the action making him chuckle.

He wants to bite back, say something witty. But instead, he moves his hand to your cheek and pulls you in for another kiss. After that night, you and Diego make your Friday tradition daily. Only minus the drinking. You spend the night at his place, only when he feels comfortable with it. It would be good after you work out. You know, that cheesy push up thing. You both secretly adore that thing. Despite their history, Patch is supportive of this relationship. Yeah, I know. Cleaning up cuts and wounds after he goes off gallivanting, beating up criminals.

He learns to ignore the thoughts of his upbringing and allows himself to hug you close. He loves to bury his face in your neck and escape the world he had been so alienated from by his father.

Kissing you is his favorite thing next to his knife collection. Speaking of knives, on his birthday any other holiday too you give him a new knife and a pack of bandages. You had bought him the bright sweater as a joke on Valentines day, but there he was now, wearing it with the biggest smile you had ever seen.

One morning, you wake up before him and tug one of his dark sweatshirts over your head. He sees you in his sweatshirt ,roaming about the small kitchen like you own it and looking in cabinets for something to eat. He really loves you.

So he says just that. You stop moving so you can turn to face him, blood rushing to your ears as your face blushes. He holds your gaze, still laying in bed while you stand in the kitchen. His head it propped up against his arm, the sheets pulled over his body but leaving his chest exposed.

Dating Bucky

Diego looks like a painting when he relaxed; tanned skin so soft and eyes like embers in the morning light. He knows you did. Dating Dean Winchester Would Include. Originally posted by jacksonrathbons - hanging onto his every word because you adored his subtle, but sometimes thick, southern drawl.

Dating Tommy Holland might include:. You hugged her three minutes ago- what is wrong with you? I met him the week I met you in a coffee shop. We had a nice little chat! What a coincidence. Sherlock would teach you to dance. Sherlock takes you on cases with him because he likes you to see you impress you. You keep laughing at inappropriate times, earning the eyes of everyone at the scene.

Dating bucky would include tumblr

This way you did it for him which he quite enjoyed. Subconsciously imitating his clothing style. She would keep asking when you two were going to get married. It would make Mycroft uncomfortable to see his brother so happy with someone in that way. They have many funny stories about Sherlock to tell you. Standing up for him with cutting comments whenever someone insults Sherlock. is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Log in Sign up. dating bucky would include Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Bucky always worrying about you when he's away on a mission; Pretty much because he doesn't like the idea of you being alone (even though you're never actually alone) Fighting everyone who says that he needs a haircut; Flirting with Sam just to see Bucky getting annoyed; Sam laughing his ass off when Bucky rolls his eyes at you and him. Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include - him being super shy when he first asked you out - falling asleep together, usually on the couch while watching a movie - playing with those luscious locks of.

It was an elegant silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of your own house sigil. It was sweet and gentle, a side of him that he only showed to you. The smile that lit up your face made him remember why he fell for you in the first place.

The necklace was simple enough that no one would question its significance, allowing it to be a special thing shared between Roose and you. Originally posted by ladybaelish. Petyr went big with his gift for you. He had taken you for a walk while his gift was getting set up in your bedchamber. Originally posted by mormontofrivia. Jorah was always wanting to protect you, he knew that sometimes he would have to separate from you, and decided that a perfect gift would be an elaborate dagger that was crafted perfectly for you.

He wanted you to be safe, so giving you this dagger was a perfect way to make sure you could always protect yourself. The best part of the gift was him showing you how to use it, guiding your body, bringing you closer together. Originally posted by ali-reid. He wanted to give you the seven kingdoms and make you Queen. Euron always focused on the bigger picture, so this was his way of giving you everything he had ever wanted and gave you a major part to play in it all.

Originally posted by lokiofasgcrd. When you woke up on the morning of your name day, he was waiting with a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. The flowers were delicate but meant so much to you, as he had gone out early that morning looking for the best of the best. The greatest gift was really him, and the flowers had just been the cherry on top.

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