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Following the election of Obama a US president, it became safe to say that African men got a big plus. Due to their peculiar nature and limited exposure to democracy, it is quite tricky to get an African man. They are more conventional; meaning that if you are too aggressive, his judgment of your character could seriously hurt your chances of being with the man. To be able to elaborate this well, lets split this into three. The why, the how and finally dating the African man. The reason why African men are more likeable is that they are conventional.

You might want to learn their language and their ways of life.

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If you should marry and have children, your children will learn all of this too. If you are one that loves big families, then you should totally date an African man because he can give you a big family as you want.

He has lots of sisters and brothers and family members that you can call your own. Many of his family members are living all around the world. You would get to meet them as you travel around the world with him. You can be with him on a date and become very good friends afterward. We all date and we all do it for different reasons. Some of us date to have fun, romance, sex, and companionship, for affection, love, security, marriage, a life partner, to love and be loved, and not be lonely.

You can find all of this and more with African men. Have fun. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Recover your password. Forgot your password? If you start sleeping together after some time of hanging out together chances are you become exclusive. In South Africa we have braais.

Dating South African Men

Meaning we have barbecues. All the time. You bring your own meats, or veggies, and drink and then braai together.


After all a lot of wine is made in South Africa. What can I say? Go Springboks? A great way to educate yourself on this is simply to watch Invictus with Matt Damon.

Why You Should Date an African Man

The movie about Mandela and his wish to unite the nation through rugby. And he was pretty successful in his mission. Many also surf. So there are plenty of fit men to go round!

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South Africa is not your average state in America. South Africa has a large population of which a very high percentage lives in poverty.

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There are townships everywhere and crime rates are extremely high. If you live in South Africa today you live behind fences and chances are you have an alarm and a dog too. Not to mention pepper spray and teasers.

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As a result of this many men are fiercely protective. They are not the kind of people who back down in a fight.

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They are also used to dealing with corruption and there are many rules in South Africa that can be broken. A lot of South Africans emigrate due to the problems in the country, but most really do love South Africa and work tirelessly with charities, trying to make a difference. This might be a bit of a generalization, given I am talking about Capetonians and not the rest of South Africa, but with an excellent climate and stunning nature, South Africans spend a lot of time outdoors.

People tend to have dogs which they go for hikes with, or walk along the beach with. Surfing and being on the water is also popular.

Jan 31,   Nigerian Men And Relationships: Pros And Cons Of Dating A Nigerian Man Haba na wetin consign una with Naija men matter, na only dem exist for this world? My people make u no vex o. On a more serious note, we do get tons of requests from women especially skeptical African American women who want to know more about their Nigerian boyfriends. The why, the how and finally dating the African man. Stock photos via depositphotos Why You Should Date an African Man. The reason why African men are more likeable is that they are conventional. They are well taught about women and believe family is their primary priority. This conventionality becomes a plus because he will always put you Emeka Chigozie.

There are many different accents in South Africa, some more easy to understand than others. You can find her somewhere between Cape Town, London and L.

I met a white South African man who wants to date me I private. He says his family would chastise his for dating a black woman. I live the USA and find it very hard to deal with this situation. The two of you may be interested in developing a relationship with each other.

You are attempting to maintain a long distance relationship. You are also aware that his family does not support your relationship.

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Decide if you believe whether or not this relationship is viable. As such, you are not the head in the relationship.

Let him have the opportunity of being the man in the relationship. Be humble and respectful and utmost down to earth.

This is an ct that every African man looks for in a woman. Be careful not to pay more attention to his friends more than you do him. Unlike other men, African men are quite territorial and are repulsed by very nice and flirtatious girls especially to their friends.

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Always draw a line when it comes to his friends and make him feel that you pay more attention to him than his friends. You must also show traits of hard work as he would want a wife that is able to maintain a clean house. African men are not the argumentative type. It would do a lot of good to listen more and give your opinion less. Make sure that if you give your opinion, it is one that he would like.

Dating South African men can greatly vary depending on where the guy you are dating grew up. Is he Zulu, Xhosa, Cape Colored, White There are eleven official languages in South Africa, which goes to say something about the ethnic differences. Oct 07,   African men do not have the "gold-digger" issue. They will generally be more generous up front because in many African countries the man is the bread winner so they are socialized to believe. The African man is a gentle creature yet so powerful and mysterious. Dating African men can prove to be an experience of a life time if you have never dated them before. The truth is, figuring out.

They view women as a source of support. Knowing when to jump in and give him a solution rather than confront him about it would be pivotal in extending the life of the date.

Dating african man

When it comes to African men, this saying could not be any truer. African men love a woman who can cook.

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Knowing how to cook some of his traditional meals could be a big plus for you.

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