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You can increase Amity quickly by gifting Marketplace-registrable items to the NPC only items worth less than 50 million Silver. If you gift such an item, you will gain even more Amity. Gift giving will consume 5 Energy. After you confess, the NPC will need some time to think. You will receive an answer via an in-game mail B after the next maintenance. If the NPC accepts your confession, you will become their lover and earn a special in-game title with a distinct color. NPC Dating can be enjoyed by all adventurers.

Truthfully, I'm very nervous.

shall agree

I'm not sure if this is because I also feel the same way or because of the shock. Can you give me some time to think about this? I have given this much thought. We have spent quite a lot of time together. Unfortunately, I don't think I am ready to leave the village. Please understand that it's not because I dislike you. Please know that the very thought of having the option to court you is like a dream come true.

I am truly sorry I could not give you the answer you want.

NPC Dating

I hope we can still be friends. Can you do that for me? Elion's blessing be with you. Thank you for being interested in me. I didn't expect a follower of Elion would have feelings for me, who has devoted myself to Elion. As to not make your confession be in vain, I will go reflect on my feelings for you. Elion has taught me to love. But I can't force myself to love someone who I have no feelings for.

The feelings of one's heart is something I am unable to control. I hope someday you'll meet someone who loves you back.

consider, that

No wonder you kept stealing glimpses of me when you said you came here to read Oh, did you think I wouldn't notice? I noticed it from the very first day. Well, it would be hard for anyone not to look at me at all when I am standing in front. You're not looking for an answer right away, are you?

I need some time to think and make a decision. I have thought of the social ramifications that would follow if I allow you to enter my domain. One is usually compelled to act to benefit oneself. I am the same. However, as someone in a high position, I cannot act on my own accord. Will Lord Elion, or others in this library, still accept me? I do not know. I am truly sorry.

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I am confused and shocked by your confession. I'm not saying that I disliked it. I just care about you too much and now I am conflicted. I have been through many wars and devoted myself to truth and loyalty, but after you appeared, it was as if my emotions awoke.

No matter how much I pray or train, I just can't get rid of these feelings. I'm not sure if I can calm myself down after this emotional upheaval, but give me some time to think about it. Do not worry, I won't let you wait too long.

remarkable idea

I have carefully searched my heart in the last few days. I can say this was one of the hardest decisions to make in my life. I can't deny that I care much about you. However, I must uphold my obligations to serve Elion and my duty as the captain of the Delphe Knights. I have not been able to work faithfully because of my love for you.

I was sincerely moved by your determination. I believe you'll be fine on your own without me. I truly wish you the best. I pray that Elion watches over you. If you get close to me, the whole village might start disliking you. Wait, wait However, you currently do not possess the required strength to defeat the giant Treant.

But I see potential. It'll only be a matter of time before you get stronger.

Come back to me when you feel like you're ready. I am grateful that you have feelings for me, but I have devoted myself to the goddess. I wonder what Herawen will think Please give me more time to think about this.

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I will reply soon. Thank you for your confession, but my heart belongs to Herawen. And I can tell you that you have someone that is fated to be with you in the near future.

Herawen's grace will always be with you in the future. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. King Clam Wall Ornament. Dried Swiri. Organic Feed.

Fisher's Elixir.

r/blackdesertonline: The sub for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. Black Desert for Consoles | r/PlayBlackDesert . Black Desert Online is the next-gen action driven sandbox MMORPG. Featuring one of the richest character creation systems, an immense seamless world, and epic Siege Wars. Jun 13,   NPC dating is a new mini game added to Black Desert Online available to select NPCs. The idea is that you give gifts to a NPC (anything that can be sold on the marketplace under 50 million) and then gain amity with them until you reach amity with them. Once you reach that threshold,. you can confess your love to them.

Essence of Magic Power. Essence of Enchantment. Serendia Traditional Alchemy Tool. Magic Crystal - Crimson Flame. Oil of the Abyss. Cold Draft Beer. Supreme Tough Hide. Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine. Elixir of Will.

Giant Fish Bone. Whale Tendon Potion. Small Leather Elephant Armor. Red Sheep Hide Cushion.

Black desert dating

Manshaum Voodoo Doll. Muskan's Bloody Steel Helmet. Blood Ruby.

congratulate, simply excellent

They call this leader Karanda. Karandas are critical to the very continuity of Harpies as a species because they are the sole females to incubate eggs. Some scholars argue this is because Harpies hatched from the Karanda are more likely to have absolute loyalty to their leader, not only as subjects, but also as progeny.

Vell is a fearsome, gigantic sea monster that lurks beneath the waters of the Great Margoria Ocean.

There are 15 NPCs you can confess your love to and, if you're lucky, become the lover of: You need at least Amity and 5 energy to be able to confess. After confessing, you will receive a reply to your confession via mail after the next maintenance. If the NPC accepts your feelings and agrees to be your lover, you will become their lover and receive a special title, while Amity with the. Jun 13,   Black Desert Online is the next-gen action driven sandbox MMORPG. Featuring one of the richest character creation systems, an immense seamless world, and epic Siege Wars. NPC Dating is here. You can now express your affections towards your favorite NPCs. Build Amity, confess your love, and await your destiny! Black desert dating - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you.

This massive beast is as large as a whole city and coastal areas are often attacked by this colossal beast. Only by working together can this massive beast be slain. In the Mansha Forest, there is a place where even the Manshas wouldn't dare get close to. This is a place where 'Muraka' appears. Due to its violent nature where it destroys anything near, there is no single tree standing in where it lives. It is hard to learn about the relationship between ogres and Muraka as ogres do not live together.

However, people still call it Muraka, the 'King of Ogres'. Garmoth the Crimson Dragon was the smallest of all the dragons in Drieghan but it was peerlessly cunning.

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It was thought that Garmoth was slayed by the Sherekhans like the other dragons. However, it went into a deep sleep after being gravely injured and was nursed back by the Blood Wolves. Garmoth was able to quickly regain its strength thanks to the tributes the Blood Wolves paid it.

Starting today, engage in glorious battles with you hosting and setting up every part of the matches! Stage your battles, choose your own teams, and step into the fierce and feisty, Arena of Arsha.

Evil emerges from the Savage Rift and it is up to you and your team to defeat ever increasing hordes of enemies and menacing bosses that are after the Sealed Tower. Earn points and use them to buy powerful siege weapons and work together with your party members to survive the ongoing onslaught.

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While sailing across the Magoria Sea on your boat, there are many threats you may face. From massive sea creatures to ghostly pirates, danger might come from any direction! Occasional sandstorms can take your life away in a gust, you have not properly prepared.

Rumor has it that countless treasures and artifacts are buried in this desert, but few dare to venture there.

Black Desert Online - Guardian & My Thoughts On The Class!

Just surviving in this desolate place is a challenge alone. Protect your guild's interests and guard your wealth and trade routes by annihilating rival guilds in fierce ship to ship combat.

While Node War occurs daily and is a skirmish over single Nodes, Conquest War is a weekly bloodbath over the control and sovereignty of a vast region. If your Guild is victorious in a Conquest War, your Guild will have the honor of ruling that region and will enjoy immense economic growth and expansion through taxation of that Territory.

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Black Desert Main. Combo-Oriented, Non-Targeted Combat Take part in fast-paced, action-packed combat with skills that can be chained through exciting combos. Warfare Massive free-for-all Guild battles! Ocean Adventures Craft a boat and make sail to the Great Ocean to fish, hunt ocean monsters and bosses, explore, gather, do quests, trade, and so much more. Dark Knight The versatile Dark Knight is an expert at jousting in and out of melee range, due to her ability to wield a blade and also cast magic.

Striker The Striker is a master of hand-to-hand combat, his style suited both to street fighting and the chaos of a battlefield. Mystic The Mystic excels at close-quarter combat, using a variety of martial art techniques to dominate the battlefield. Warrior Once part of the Goyen Mercenaries who had nowhere to go and nothing to lose, the mighty Warrior shines on the battlefield as well as in smaller skirmishes.

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Sorceress The dexterous Sorceress has overcome the fears evoked by dark magic in order to harness its power. Ranger The nimble elven Ranger keeps her pursuers at a distance with barrages of arrows. Berserker If his size is not enough to intimidate them, the force of the Berserker's ground-shaking attacks will eradicate anyone in his way.

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Tamer With the support of Heilang, the divine beast, the Tamer can perform ruthless combination attacks with her faithful companion. Ninja The Ninja is an assassin of the deadliest sort, getting up close to his opponents alarmingly fast to deliver precise deadly strikes at their weak spots.

Musa The Musa is the master of agility, employing counter attacks and never hesitating to break off an attack if it proves fruitless. Maewha The graceful Maehwa is swift and hard to capture like petals in the wind, and the bite of her weapon's edge is incredibly deadly.

Valkyrie A Paragon of Holy Justice, the Valkyrie may not be the most agile of combatants but still can dash around the battlefield to batter resistance. Wizard Having mastered the elemental secret, the Wizard vanquishes his foes with the destructive forces of water, fire, earth, lightning, and ice. Witch As if she was from another realm, the Witch taps into the magic flow of natural elements to vanquish her foes with its destructive forces.

Kunoichi The Kunoichi is an assassin of the deadliest sort, specializing in deflecting attacks while waiting for an opening to deliver devastating counters. Lahn The protector of the weak and annihilator of evil, Lahn is extremely agile, with the unusual ability to leap and glide through the air for long distances.

Archer A skilled Archer forces pursuers to dodge his powerful ranged attacks while keeping them at bay. Shai While a Shai can survive incoming threats, she is better suited to protect, heal, and strengthen those around her in order to fight off her foes. Guardian - is the bastion of the battlefield and strikes with perfectly calculated heavy melee blows to fend off all who dare oppose her.

Service Information. All copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. However, whether or not you will get accepted depends on your amity with that NPC vs the amity of other players with the same NPC.

The higher your amity is, the better chance of your proposal being accepted. Here are the NPCs you can date sorted by city with their favourite items listed. You can date NPCs of the same gender. Each gift you give to a NPC will consume 5 energy. After you confess, the NPC will need some time to think. You will receive an answer via an in-game mail B after the next maintenance. If the NPC accepts your confession, you will become their lover and earn a special in-game title with a distinct color.

If accepted, your relationship and temporary title only lasts for a week and the NPC may choose another player once the week is over if their amity is higher. You can maintain the relationship by having the highest amity relative to other players for that week.

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