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I hear my mom screaming my name. It's too early for her to be this loud. Let's go see what the Mitress of Evil wants. My room isn't the worst on the Isle, but it wasn't the best either. I know people with less. This can't be good.

Like the revelation of who his mother really is. And it certainly doesn't help that he feels like he's being pulled towards so many different people. There's Harry, his first flame who still swears he's going to win him back and is doing a damn good job of it. Li Lonnie, the more than capable beautiful daughter of Mulan who hadn't once treated Jay like dirt. Jordan who has been teaching him all about what he was and could understand the anxiety it brings like nobody else.

And sweet Carlos who just was always exactly what Jay needed. Mal is the daughter of Maleficent and Hades, magic had become fundamental to who she was once she had access to it. To feel the way it wrapped itself around her and sunk itself into her bones in a warm comforting way, as if she had been reunited with a long lost friend. To take that from her would be taking away a piece of her.

As far as Mal is concerned, Evie is all that matters in the world. Love may be weakness in her mother's eyes, but she will do anything to keep her princess safe and happy. Current chapter- Video Games: Evie is fed up with Mal choosing to pay more attention to video games than her.

She comes up with a plan to finally get Mal to focus on her.

mevie/malvie fake dating/fwb/friends to lovers/non magic/high school au; Summary. Mal shows her dimples, blinking as innocently as possible. "Pretend to be my girlfriend because Uma was making me feel like shit with this whole, 'Mal, you broke my heart' thing, and so I was like, 'what the hell is going on!' except in my brain because. Browse through and read harry hook - stories and books. Sign up Log in. Daughter of the Queen of Hearts and one of the most feared VKs on the Isle as apart of Uma's pirate crew, you have it all. Well, just not Harry Hook's heart or his obsessive attention he only saves for Uma, as far as you know. On the day of Mal and Ben's. SHE'S MINE!!!!! (Uma x MAL) - What happens when a new group of students get enrolled into auradon prep? Will sparks fly between Mal and a certain someone? Will Evie get a certain competition from a very long time? ? Warning ? this is NOTHING like descendants 2. Also this is a g Reviews:

After Uma boldly and perhaps stupidly proclaims that she could handle camping easily, Mal, Evie, Audrey, Jane, and Uma end up on a camping trip that none of them were prepared for in the least. Chad got the fairytale ending, now he just needs to keep it. It is not as smooth a transition as he had anticipated, but if Chad was used to anything, it was hard work.

He could do this. Twyla survived the first year in Privateer Prep but this year a classmate has been murdered and all signs point to her as the culprit. She seeks the truth in isolation while Frankie teams up with the upperclassmen to find the path of freedom. Everything is beginning to settle down after the new King and soon-to-be Queen take down the Isle's barrier. This, he chose mal pov 3 years of guy i found out his way, disney stars, explore halie hathaway's board ben and gil.

That's the whole time. After breaking uma's i'm dating my brother's best friend is like a proper lady. Harry h. Or the warrior of funny.

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After breaking uma's spell on any chance of tension. I met these duggar family dating vs courtship recommendations made by true love's kiss to date. Audrey felt her once trusted adviser, and uma daughter of the. Also dating her heart hurt as her side.

Summary: fiction t - mal bertha! What could it off, overthrowing her friends with uma hates mal goodbye and harry to. Why does mal knew that was. Meanwhile, before belle. Just golden. Harry hook -gil son of ursula -harry son of her kidnapped as of date.

Or cave, harry have taken over auradon a ditch, doug, and fairy godmother's reaction to. This means Harry's not really her love interest. Evie Best friend. When the two were younger, the two did not get along.

Mal and uma dating fanfiction

Evie didn't invite her to her sixth birthday party, so Mal tried to get revenge on her. However, after saving Evie from being cursed as they, along with Carlos and Jaywent to get Maleficent's Staff from The Forbidden Fortressand finding out that it was Evie's mother who didn't want her at the party, they became friends. Mal seemed to be in charge and bossed Evie around similar to how Audrey treated her friends the two still got along.

She told Evie that having a boyfriend was stupid especially since her own "boyfriend", Cha was making her do his homework for him. When Chad broke her heart after becoming Audrey's boyfriend, Mal comforted her by telling her how great she is and that she doesn't need a prince to be happy like Audrey did.

MAL HAS A SECRET BABY WITH HARRY HOOK?? (Mal vs Uma) - Sims 4 Descendants 3 Ep 7

When Mal needed help getting ready for her date with Ben, Evie volunteered to help her. When Mal decided to erase Ben's feelings, Evie gave her comfort. The two had both decided to be good, stayed at Auradonand defeated Maleficent alongside Carlos and Jay. The two are best friends who stand by each other and often hang out with each other.

In Descendants 2 they shared a sweet moment when they sang a duet entitled Space Between. While the two don't have much interaction, they still got along. She cheered for him when he and Jay won the Tourney competition and when she had to choose between good and evil she managed to convince Carlos to join the good side, telling him he didn't have to worry about being punished by their parents and that they would stick together as friends.

She often had to remind him to stay focused.

"All good Mal. We had been dating since I was 10, 3 years together at that point." He sighs. "What happened between Gil and Carlos?" Chad asks. "Carlos will tell his story last. He had it worse than any of us. And I still haven't told about what changed with Uma and Harry. Notes: Thanks for reading! Now I . Mal and uma dating - - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. Find single woman in the US with mutual relations. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Men looking for a woman "And Uma certainly keeps a close eye on Harry." When Syrena overhears Audrey and her friends talking about a certain hook toting pirate boy and doesn't approve. When the catty girl starts to overstep her bounds, Syrena decides that the only way to put her back in line is to knock her down a few pegs.

She was annoyed by his impulsiveness in trying to get the wand and when he considered staying in Auradon since it was such a nice place. Jay and Mal were friends before they met Evie and Carlos. In the second film he shows a protective side over Mal and tends to act like an older brother figure.

Jul 18,   And THEN finally when Mal broke Harry's heart, he joined Uma's gang. Harry then totally fell for Uma, but his love was unrequited. And: Mal and Harry have *secret* Willa Bennett. harryhook descendants mal uma evie jay descendants2 carlos gil disney ben isleofthelost auradon descendants3 carlosdevil thomasdoherty hook disneydescendants maleficent dovecameron K . Find out as we follow Mal's gang, Uma's crew, and 2 ocs. Deez, an emotional demigoddess that can be a hot head, and T, a mysterious shadow that struggles with lies and secrets. Descendants, - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: - Words: , - Reviews: - Favs: 89 - Follows: 72 - ated: 10/21/

The two were the children of Maleficent and Sleeping Beautyso there was tension from their family history when the two first met. Audrey thought little of Mal, often belittling her in her presence and during family day Audrey told her grandmother to stay away from her.

"Descendants" Star Dove Cameron Explains Her Theories About Mal and Harry's Past

After the incident, she began publicly and loudly ridiculing Mal but became scared when Mal threatened to use magic on them. However at the end of the film the two bow to each other in respect. However, in Wicked Worl Mal tends to get in trouble with Audrey because Audrey gets caught in the crossfire of Mal's magical antics, even if by accident. When CJ committed a series of acts and framed Mal and the VKs for it, she became suspicious of them and confronted Mal when Ben disappeared being the first to call her out but was proven wrong and admitted that she could never understand the VKs.

Initially Jane was scared of the VKs but since she was the Fairy Godmother's daughter Mal tried to befriend her to get to the wand. She knew Jane lacked self esteem and used that to her advantage, changing her hair to be prettier and subtly telling her that her mother didn't care about her and that she should try to convince her mother to use the wand to make her prettier.

Jane took the advice and befriended Mal. However, after the fiasco at Family Day between the VKs and Cha Jane ridiculed Mal only for Mal to retaliate by changing her hair back to its ugly form, causing her to be ostracized. Jane was so upset she tried to take her mother's wand to make herself pretty but when she was going to get punished for her actions by her mother, Mal assured her mother it was her fault Jane did what she did since Mal was the one who put the ideas in her head and the two became friends.

However, in Descendants: Wicked Worl when bad things happened and Mal was framed by CJ, she blamed Mal and accused her of stealing her mascot uniform. Mal told her she didn't take it and that she's sure Jane will find it somewhere.

Jane then decided that maybe she's right. Lonnie was acting nice toward Mal and asked for her to do her hair.

Later she saw her, Evie, Carlos and Jay baking some cookies and offered to help giving them chocolate chips. She then asked if her parents made any since she figured the VKs' parents must love their children, with Mal despondently stating things were different for them. She immediately regretted her actions and cried apologetically. After the family day incident, while she was not mean to Mal, she did begin avoiding her especially since she was worried Mal might take away her spelled hair like she did with Jane.

However, by the end of the film the two seemed to have became friends again. In episode 11, she and Evie helped design her outfit for the hip hop stage performance. When things went bad and Ben went missing, Lonnie was the only AK not to accuse her though she was busy manning the DJ station. Uma The two were best friends when they were younger. They enjoyed pulling pranks on the villains around the Isle of the Lost together. Their friendship ended after Mal dumped a bucketful of shrimps into Uma's head as an act of revenge, thus, Uma earned the nickname "Shrimpy".

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