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Sentences Mobile Those who do assign absolute dates vary greatly with each other. Later, when combined with written historical references, objects could be provided absolute dates. There has been no absolute dating of the Nemegt Formation. Additionally, attempts were made to perform an absolute dating in yet accessible, adjacent sand mines. I would say we never had any absolute dates.

Then j'ai finished that the relative date c'etait. Typically, only relative dates are obtainable and form a structure for the characterization of Greek prehistory. It is a relative dating technique in geology.

As you can see, it gives me the local time, plus it gives a relative date. Modern archaeologists have developed a relative dating system, obsidian hydration dating, to calculate the age of obsidian artifacts.

It's difficult to see relative dating in a sentence.

The term 'carbon dating' is a compound noun, a word for the process of determining of the age of an organic matter from the relative proportions of the carbon isotopes it contains. How to use absolute in a sentence. Example sentences with the word absolute. absolute example sentences. absolute dating in a sentence - Use "absolute dating" in a sentence 1. Those who do assign absolute dates vary greatly with each other. 2. Later, when combined with written historical references, objects could be provided absolute dates. click for more sentences of absolute dating.

He often prided himself on his absolute consistency, and we have Chaptal's warrant for the statement that, after the time of the Consulate, his habit of following his own opinions and rejecting all advice, even when he had asked for it, became more and more pronounced.

The imaginal disks make their appearance that is, have been first detected at very different epochs in the life; their absolute origin has been but little investigated. While furnishing - almost unconsciously, however - additional evidence for overthrowing that classification, there is, nevertheless, no attempt made to construct a better one; and the elaborate tables of dimensions, both absolute and proportional, suggestive as is the whole tendency of the author's observations, seem not to lead to any very practical result, though the systematist's need to look beneath the integument, even in parts that are so comparatively little hidden as birds' feet, is once more made beyond all question apparent.

Absolute dating definition and sentence

It provided for municipal elections in January; for the election of a mayor for four years; for his recall at the end of two years if a majority of the registered voters so vote in the state election in November in the second year of his term; for the summary removal for cause by the mayor of any department head or other of his appointees; for a city council of one chamber of nine members, elected at large each for three years; for nomination by petition; for a permanent finance commission appointed by the governor; for the confirmation of the mayor's appointments by the state civil service commission; for the mayor's preparation of the annual budget in which items may be reduced but not increased by the counciland for his absolute veto of appropriations except for school use.

The conception of the Unconscious, by which von Hartmann describes his ultimate metaphysical principle, is not at bottom as paradoxical as it sounds, being merely a new and mysterious designation for the Absolute of German metaphysicians. The Unconscious is both Will and Reason and the absolute all-embracing ground of all existence.

This latter is absolute misery, and to cure it the Unconscious evokes its Reason and with its aid creates the best of all possible worlds, which contains the promise of its redemption from actual existence by the emancipation of the Reason from its subjugation to the Will in the conscious reason of the enlightened pessimist. The law of England - and the laws of Scotland and Ireland agree with it on this point - recognizes no absolute private ownership of land.

The absolute and ultimate owner of all land is the crown, and the highest interest that a subject can hold therein - viz. The land, on the expiration of the tenancy, becomes at common law the absolute property of the landlord, no matter how it may have been altered or improved during the occupation.

Hammond 1 has constructed a table from information supplied by the secretaries of the cotton exchanges at New York, Charleston, Savannah, Mobile, New Orleans and Galveston, showing the sales of " spot " cotton at those ports for the twenty-two years between an and in all cases an absolute decline is evident. On the one hand, it is argued that speculators are affected only by the absolute variations in price, while on the other hand it is contended that a movement of one " point," say, is less influential when the price is about 8d.

But the point need not be discussed further here, since both percentage and absolute indices of unsteadiness have risen of late years. Such an absolute continuity is sometimes assumed without warrant; but Descartes already recognized that the world was no continuous process, " Tria mirabilia fecit Dominus; res ex nihilo, liberum arbitrium et hominem Deum. His distinctive characteristics are his claim for absolute freedom in the study of church history and the New Testament; his distrust of speculative theology, whether orthodox or liberal; his interest in practical Christianity as a religious life and not a system of theology.

In any case the accusations made against the Templars at the time of their suppression prove that there was, at any rate in the ranks of those who knew the East, too little of absolute orthodoxy. Two important principles are illustrated by these thoughts, 1 that there is no absolute distinction between the organic and the inorganic, and 2 that the argument from final causes is no explanation of phenomena.

But in he embraced the monastic profession in the newly founded house of Bec. Until he lived at Bec in absolute seclusion. It is almost insoluble in water, but mixes in all proportions with absolute alcohol, ether, benzene and various oils. In spite of his absolute lack of talent, he attained the highest of positions - an exceptional fact in the history of the French Revolution.

At another time, for the same reason, he kept an absolute fast for a week.

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But the difference between these two classes of elements is one of degree only, and they gradually merge into each other; moreover the electric relations of elements are not absolutebut vary according to the state of combination in which they exist, so that it is just as impossible to divide the elements into two classes according to this property as it is to separate them into two distinct classes of metals and non-metals. It will be seen, however, that the absolute disposition of the fourth valency may be ignored in a great many cases, and consequently the complex may be adequately represented as a hexagon.

Theoretically the critical volume is three times the volume at absolute zero, i. Guldberg pointed out that for the most diverse substances the absolute boiling-point is about two-thirds of the critical temperature. It may he shown theoretically that the absolute boiling-point is proportional to the molecular volume, and, since this property is additive, the boiling-point should also be additive.

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Transplanted into this foreign soil, the monarchy became an absolute despotism, unchecked by a proud territorial nobility and a hardy peasantry on familiar terms with their king.

Brisson, who had had a majority of votes on the first ballot, but had failed to obtain an absolute majority. The avarice with which both Tacitus and Suetonius stigmatize Vespasian seems really to have been an enlightened economy, which, in the disordered state of the Roman finances, was an absolute necessity.

In the fundamental laws of West New Jersey were published, and recognized in a most absolute form the principles of democratic equality and perfect freedom of conscience. The habit of absolute rule, always dangerous, was peculiarly corrupting when it penetrated every department of daily life, and when no external interference checked individual caprice in its action on the feelings and fortunes of inferiors. By the original Roman law the master was clothed with absolute dominion over the slave, extending to the power of life and death, which is not surprising when we consider the nature of the patria.

Eschenmayer's views are largely identical with those of Schelling, but he differed from him in regard to the knowledge of the absolute. It 1 has its own absolute character, 2 receives from above, and 3 communicates to what is below. Speaking at Johannesburg on the eve of his departure, he recommended to all concerned the promotion of the material prosperity of the country and the treatment of Dutch and British on an absolute equality. The university of Havana founded of the island was practically absolute.

His absolute independence was as little gained as if he had camped out in Hyde Park; relatively he lived the life of a recluse. In a tract entitled The Absolute Unlawfulness of Stage Entertainments Law was tempted by the corruptions of the stage of the period to use unreasonable language, and incurred some effective criticism from John Dennis in The Stage Defended.

Until the revolution ofwith a very short interval at the beginning of the reign of the deposed sultan Abd-ul-Hamid, the government of Turkey had been essentially a theocratic absolute monarchy.

Primarily their system was based on the great principles enunciated by the immediate successors of the Prophet, especially by Omar, involving the absolute distinction between, and impartiality of treatment of, the Mussulman conquerors and the i As Dedeagatch is gaining, and will gradually gain, importance, it has been included in this table.

The Russian pursuit practically ceased at the line of the Niemen, for their troops also had suffered terrible hardships and a period of rest had become an absolute necessity. The difference between the two, in Clement's judgment, was that the Greek philosophers had only glimpses of the truth, that they attained only to fragments of the truth, while Christianity revealed in Christ the absolute and perfect truth.

The Father in Clement's mind becomes the Absolute of the philosophers, that is to say, not the Father at all, but the Monad, a mere point devoid of all attributes. The grounds for an absolute divorce in Minnesota are adultery, impotence, cruel and inhuman treatment, sentence to state prison or state reformatory subsequent to the marriage, desertion or habitual drunkenness for one year next preceding the application for a divorce.

Before applying for an absolute divorce the plaintiff must have resided in the state for the year next preceding, unless the cause of action is adultery committed while the plaintiff was a resident of the state.

Such a constellation can be shown to occur at intervals of about 1, years and about those times the tide-generating force will be at an absolute maximum. The French struggled gallantly to the close: but now a long succession of their leaders - Junot, Soult, Victor, Massena, Marmont, Joseph - had been in turn forced to recoil before 'Wellington; and while their troops fought henceforward under the depressing memory of many defeats, the Allies did so under the inspiriting influence of great successes, and with that absolute confidence in their chief which doubled their fighting power.

Hence the absolute velocities of the two ions can be determined, and we can calculate the actual speed with which a certain ion moves through a given liquid under the action of a given potential gradient or electromotive force. At midnight on the 6th of Decemberwith a few personal friends, including her physician, Armand Lestocq, her chamberlain, Michael Ilarionvich Vorontsov, her future husband, Alexius Razumovski, and Alexander and Peter Shuvalov, two of the gentlemen of her household, she drove to the barracks of the Preobrazhensky Guards, enlisted their sympathies by a stirring speech, and led them to the Winter Palace, where the regent was reposing in absolute security.

Ritterwhich, although reaching great absolute altitudes, are relatively low. The closing verses strike that deep note of absolute dependence on God, which is the glory of the religion of the Old Testament and its chief contribution to the spirit of the Gospels. The abbe again declared "it is impossible for me honestly and sincerely to make the act of absolute retractation and submission exacted by the sovereign pontiff.

The scale is graduated in such a manner that by multiplying the reading by a simple factor generally 10 or 2 the absolute value of the magnetization is obtained.

He found that the susceptibility for unit of mass. K, was independent of both pressure and magnetizing force, but varied inversely as the absolute temperature. Curie has shown, for many paramagnetic bodies, that the specific susceptibility K is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature 0. Hence may be deduced an explanation of the fact that, while the susceptibility of all known diamagnetics except bismuth and antimony is independent of the temperature, that of paramagnetics varies inversely as the absolute temperature, in accordance with the law of Curie.

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It is, however, exceedingly difficult in this respect to draw an absolute distinction between men and animals, observation of which undoubtedly suggests that the latter have a certain power of making inferences.

His personal devotion to the emperor was of that absolute unwavering kind which Napoleon highly valued; it is seen in the attempt to defend the unworthy artifices adopted by the great man in April-May in order to make himself master of the destinies of Spain. Grignard Comptes Rendus, et seq. Owing to the almost absolute disappearance of documentary evidence, it is impossible to know otherwise than very imperfectly the inner life of Mithraism. President Salles publicly promised political reform, economy in the administration, and absolute respect for civil rights, and speedily made efforts to fulfil these pledges.

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In politics he advocates absolute equality - a democracy pushed to anarchy. The nobles were worsted, being driven from the city as well as from power; but the absolute rule of the twelve was brought to an end, and right of participation in the government was extended to another class of citizens.

The church lays down a rule of domestic policy, and neither gives nor pretends to give any absolute criterion for the validity of ordination. All forms of monism from Plotinus downwards tend to ignore personal individuality and volition, and merge all finite existence in the featureless unity of the Absolute ; this, indeed, is what inspires the passion of the protest against monism. They rendered their power in Natal absolutefor the time, in the following month, when they joined with Panda, Dingaan's brother, in another attack on the Zulu king.

But this is only to say again that Erigena is more of a Neoplatonist than a Scholastic. Hence Cousin suggested in respect of this point a threefold chronological division - at the outset the absolute subordination of philosophy to theology, then the period of their alliance, and finally the beginning of their separation.

In the Persons of the Trinity, on the other hand the relation is one of absolute identity.


Next in point of date comes the so-called temple of Ceres, a hexastyle peripteros, which may be dated after B. The columns are all standing, and the west and part of the east pediment are still in situ; but of the cella, again, nothing is 1 The dating adopted in the present article, which is in absolute contradiction to that given in the previous edition of this work, is that given by R.

The Epicureans regarded fate as blind chance, while to the Stoics everything is subject to an absolute rational law. In Islam fate is an absolute power, known as Kismet, or Nasib, which is conceived as inexorable and transcending all the physical laws of the universe. Classifying the population according to the mother-tongue of each individual, there were, in the civil population of Hungary proper, including Fiume: The censuses show a decided tendency of change in favour of the dominating nationality, the Magyar, which reached an absolute majority in the decade In endeavouring, with the aid of the church, to establish his kingship on the Western model Stephen had the immense advantage of building on unencumbered ground, the greater part of the soil of the country being at his The absolute disposal.

These triumphs were achieved while the monarchy was absoluteand thus able to concentrate in its hands all the resources of the state, but towards the end of the period a political revolution began.

Henceforward their possessions were to descend directly and as of right to their brothers and their issue, whose claim was to be absolute. Joseph was an idealist and a doctrinaire, whose dream was to build up his ideal body politic; the first step toward which was to be the amalgamation of all his dominions into a common state under an absolute sovereign.

Immediately before the elections, however, Deak succeeded in reuniting all the Liberals on the common platform of " The Ten Points ": 1 Responsible ministries, 2 Popular representation, 3 The incorporation of Transylvania, 4 Right of public meeting, 6 Absolute religious liberty, 7 Universal equality before the law, 8 Universal taxation, 9 The abolition of the Aviticum, an obsolete and anomalous land-tenure, io The abolition of serfdom, with compensation to the landlords.

His work was directed toward a twofold aim: to make the royal power - his power - absolute and supreme at home, and to crush the rival European power of the Habsburgs. In harmony with the conditions of his age, he approved of absolute governments, though at the same time they must, he thought, be controlled by constitutional laws.

Meanwhile the opposition parties openly allied themselves with the Yugoslav Club in Austria, which agitated for complete national unity, but saved itself from prosecution by occasional references to the dynasty and absolute silence regarding Serbia.

relative dating in a sentence - Use "relative dating" in a sentence 1. The scheme applies primarily to pottery and is a relative dating system. 2. Relative dating compares the formation's bedding location in comparison with other formations nearby. click for more sentences of relative dating. relative-dating definition: Noun (plural relative datings) 1. (uncountable) A method of determining the age of a fossil by comparing its placement with that of fossils in . With the advancement of science, absolute dating techniques are capable of giving a specific date for a specimen with a high degree of accuracy. Existing estimates based on field studies such those noted above remain to be calibrated using an absolute dating technique.: My aim has been to show that absolute dating in geology is not just a kind of bluff in producing older and still older ages.

The Zagreb press could only comment indirectly, but conveyed its meaning by insisting that the Reichsrat programme of May 30 was an absolute minimum. The Czech and Yugoslav spokesmen in the Reichsrat insisted upon separate representation at the peace negotiations, and the absolute right to decide their own future State allegiance Oct. No party secured an absolute majority, and the two strongest, the Radicals and Democrats, being almost exactly balanced, were forced to strengthen still further their unnatural alliance.

We do not yet know whether such absolute blending is possible or not, or whether all apparent blending is only a more or less minutely subdivided " mosaic " of non-combinable characters of the parents, in fact whether the combinations due to heredity in reproduction are ever analogous to chemical compounds or are always comparable to particulate mixtures.

According to common optics, where images are absolutethe diffraction pattern is supposed to be infinitely small, and two radiant points, however near together, form separated images. If the angle subtended by the components of a double line be twice that subtended by the wave-length at a distance equal to the horizontal aperture, the central bands are just clear of one another, and there is a line of absolute blackness in the middle of the combined images.

For absolute determinations of wave-lengths plane gratings are used. In internal politics he became, by degrees, the absolute ruler of the country.

How far Nansen was content with the result of the Revolution - absolute monarchy - it is impossible to say. And it is not too much to say that that view - which to some extent appears in the historical psalms of the Ehohistic Psalter - implies absolute incapacity to understand the difference between old Israel and later Judaism, and makes almost anything possible in the way of the ascription of comparatively modern pieces to ancient authors.

The results are not favourable to a mechanical view of prophecy as involving absolute accuracy of statement. The powers of the executive, direct and implied, are very broad and permit the exercise of much absolute authority. Whereas at 2. There is neither any absolute difference nor a constancy in their chemical reactions, and there can be brought about a transition of the " colloid " material into the " mucoid," or conversely. Notwithstanding promises to the powers, he restored absolute government upon returning to Rome 12th April and violated the conditions of the surrender by wholesale imprisonment of Liberals.

He seems to have had popular manners, for a unanimous vote of the people gave him absolute control over the fortunes of Syracuse. Yet these considerations do not lead to the absolute rejection of the story.

And this is the only drawback to the impression of absolute spontaneity which his style produces. Such was the position when by his father's death Cetywayo q. In the case of a developed mine its life may be predicted in many cases with absolute certainty - as when the extent of the mineral deposit and the volume of mineral can be measured. Absolute security is impossible, as is proved by the many and serious disasters under the most stringent laws and careful regulations that can be devised.

An absolute vacuum cannot be produced on account of the unavoidable air-film between the mercury and the walls of the apparatus.

If the vertical tube, measuring from the point where the branch comes in, is a few inches greater than the height of the barometer, and the glass and mercury are perfectly clean, the apparatus slowly but surely produces an almost absolute vacuum. They ensure absolute regularity in form and save both time and labour. Hence, supposing the crystals immediately after their formation to be in absolute contact with one another all round, then, in the case of Class II.

The absolute unit of force is employed here, and not the gravitation unit of hydrostatics; in a numerical application it is assumed that C.

Some time must elapse before absolute uniformity in the transliteration of these proper names is to be expected; and since different scholars still adopt varying spellings of Babylonian and Assyrian proper names, it has been considered undesirable in this work to ignore the fact in individual articles contributed by them.

Beginning in the bosom of prophecy, and steadily differentiating itself from it in its successive developments, it never came to stand in absolute contrast to it. It taught the absolute need of personal and national righteousness, and foretold the ultimate blessedness of the righteous nation on the present earth. He was received with enthusiasm on returning to Florence and became absolute master ' The history of Florence from to will be found in greater detail in the article Medici, save for the periods from to and from toduring which the republic was restored.

The first article declared that " The high contracting parties engage to take such measures as shall constitute an absolute and complete guarantee that no open or disguised bounty shall be granted on the manufacture or exportation of sugar. The seventh article provided that bountied sugars sucres primes must be excluded from import into the territories of the signatory powers, by absolute prohibition of entry or by levying thereon a special duty in excess of the amount of the bounties, from which duty sugars coming from the contracting countries, and not bountyfed, must be free.

There is, therefore, no absolute knowledge, for every man has different perceptions, and, further, arranges and groups his data in methods peculiar to himself; so that the sum total is a quantity with a purely subjective validity. Having thus disposed of the ideas of truth and causality, he proceeds to undermine the ethical criterion, and denies that any man can aim at Good, Pleasure or Happiness as an absoluteconcrete ideal.

In the laboratory absolute soil dryness is as distinctly antagonistic to the vitality of the diphtheria bacillus as soil dampness is favourable. During her short reign February - MayMenshikov was practically absolute. Calvin's first principle, the absolute sovereignty of God, had been so applied as to make the divine decree determine alike the acts and the destinies of men; and his formal principle had been so construed as to invest his system with the authority of the source whence it professed to have been drawn.

The decree of God is, when it concerns His own actions, absolutebut when it concerns man's, conditional, i. On the west they rise somewhat steeply, exposing high cliffs of white limestone, which perhaps gave Palgrave the impression that the range is of greater absolute height than is actually the case.

The invasion under Aelius Gallus was an absolute failure, the expedition being betrayed by the guides and lost in the sands of the desert. For several years the ex-slaves were under the almost absolute control of the bureau. In his public life he displayed many noble characteristics, - perfect simplicity and sincerity, intense moral earnestness, sturdy independence, absolute fearlessness.

Now there are two senses in which knowledge may claim to be absolute. The phrase" relativity of knowledge "has therefore two meanings: a that no portion of knowledge is absolutebut is always affected by its relations to other portions of knowledge; b that what we know are not absolute things in themselves, but things conditioned in their quality by our channels of knowledge.

The only motive for advocating it is the prejudice of absolute idealism which would deny that sensation has any part whatever in the constitution of experience. The mutual action of electrified bodies, for example, is affected by their relative or absolute motion.

There has been no absolute dating of the Nemegt Formation. Additionally, attempts were made to perform an absolute dating in yet accessible, adjacent sand mines.

I would say we never had any absolute dates. The absolute dating of Adjarian's law remains unclear.

Radiometric or Absolute Rock Dating

InGroenen and Poblome adapted the correspondence analysis algorithm to combine seriation with absolute dates and stratigraphic relationships. There is no absolute dating of any Vedic text including the Atharvaveda.

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